Cmccare thumb brace

While the CMCcare is designed to fit all thumbs, it does work best for those whose thumbs have a “swan-neck” deformity. The CMCcare helps hold the bottom of your thumb bone in its proper place so it does not slip on the small wrist bone underneath it. When the brace is properly fit, it keeps the bone of the thumb and the wrist or carpal bone it connects to from grinding on each other and causing pain when you grip or pinch.

The CMCcare is a firm brace. The material has some flexibility to allow you to shape it, but it has to be firm to provide the correct amount of support. If your skin is thin or your thumb bones are enlarged from arthritis, you can add a soft, self adherent gel pad to cushion your thumb. You can purchase the Gel Mate® Silicone Gel Sheet (sold separately) on this website and it will come with instructions and a pre-sized pattern you can use to cut a pad out of the gel material.

It is easy to cut and place into the brace for improved comfort without making the brace bulky.

While the edges of the brace can be carefully trimmed with scissors, this is not the recommended fitting method. If you are being seen by a therapist or other health care provider trained in fitting braces, they can use a heating tool to curve edges away to relieve tight areas. To find a certified hand therapist in your area, please visit

The material and the molding process used in the CMCcare make it a better, longer lasting brace that will not fray, tear or stain or wear out easily. Think of this brace as a “permanent” brace you can wear whenever you need to protect your thumb and hopefully stop it from getting worse. Many insurance companies will reimburse for this brace, but you will need to submit the insurance claim once you have the brace. We will gladly supply you a code insurance companies use to determine if something will be paid for. Please know that not all insurance covers braces and that your co-pay may be close to the cost of the brace.

I been having pain on my thumb for almost a year i found a brace called push metagrip its a great thumb brace a little expensive but if its going to help my thumb get better it will be worth it. After 2 weeks the metal that’s surrounding the thumb broke because i think its too tin. then i start looking around again for almost the same but more support i mean metal wise and then i found this product i was a little skeptic about it because of the low review but went ahead and purchase it this time i order large my other brace was medium

And this one is way cheaper finally i got it in the mail was really fast shipping i was suprised the moment i open the box and wear it i litterally cried because the pain that i been having went away and im so thankful that i found this one i like how they made this they said its hard but for me its just right it support my thumb so it wont over extend. I like the fact that its a single strap were my other one is double i like that the metal sorrounding is thicker than my previous one and u can adjust the strap. By the way im only 38 and i found out that my thumb is already bone to bone the Dr was even surprised that i wore out my cartridge so early usually for Men is the age is 50 and for women is 40. I was 12yrs ahead but all and all im thankful for this product i know its not for Everyone but what do you have to lose by wearing this maybe its a little hard but for me i rather feel that than be in pain.