Coldantlershamtoo no, jenna, not you.

Spent the past few nights doing an archaeology dig in my basement pulling out all the canning jars I’ve been gifted over the years. Found jars of tomatoe sauce, salsa processed in 2014. It all went into the compost bin, while the jars were scrubbed, bleached to remove smell and washed in the dishwasher. There are about 48 quart size jars ready for this year’s canning efforts. I’m not sure it will be enough.

On the bee side, I pulled 20 frames from 2 of the hives. After a nasty sting last weekend, that swelled my inner thigh to the size of a watermelon, which made me think that I may be developing an allergy, so I borrowed a full body protective suit from a friend. It’s prisitinely white, which required more attention to detail when I was holding a 50lb super full of bees and honey.

Fortunately, my wheelbarrow doubles as a hand truck for heavy items. I know I’m getting weaker every year. I can still throw a 50 lb bag of chicken food on my shoulder and carry 200 ft, but the hive body is awkward without good handles. The suit stayed clean!

With a fork, I lightly scarified the wax cappings on the 6 frames and popped those into the extractor. Was relieved that I didn’t have to do any work cleaning insects out of the extractor because I double wrapped it last year with 2 of the largest size garbage bags. One over top and one on the bottom, made it practically impervious to insects.

I let the scarified frames drain overnight and the real extraction would start this afternoon, when it was hot. Before it got too hot for outdoor work, I needed to cut the grass, weed along the driveway and in the veg beds, harvest cukes, zukes and beans. The bees hadn’t forgotten that I raided their home yesterday. Was chased around the garden twice by a determined bee or bees, but managed to escape her attention each time.

At lunch time, a friend stopped with some food scraps for the chickens and the bee found her. It quickly trapped itself in her hair and stung her at the hairline. With a hand towel, I extracted the bee and stinger from my friend. Sprayed benadryl on the spot and put an ice pack on it right away. It required two treatments before it started to subside, and I was certain she was going to be fine. Then my friend spotted the extractor in the kitchen and wanted to help. We spent the afternoon extracting 26.2 lbs, (yes, we weighed it on a scale) and bottling it. Three hours later, she left with a 16 oz jar of honey with honeycomb, a dozen eggs, 3 cucumbers, and 2 zuchinis. She wants to come back tomorrow to help with the relish making. I can’t imagine anyone who wants to willingly endure a hot kitchen with pots of boiling water. She said this was way more fun than watching netflix all afternoon.

The farm and animals had NEVER been better? Well, we all know what really happened this July. So she’s basically saying that just when things were the greatest, she was forced to part with some of her animals. That translates to I NEED MONEY to keep these animals, folks. You poodles did not send enough LUCK to me this month. And I was ALMOST THERE…things had never looked better! Now look at what you’ve done to me, you stingy poodles.

And then she goes on to humble-brag all her struggles and accomplishments. "I can saddle a horse! I am queer!" She also describes herself as an empty glass tank to be filled with the gas of hope and luck. But then that tank shattered, SHE was shattered and she began to worry that she might lose the farm and the tank. Poodles, she’s hinting at suicide here, that or dying from a heart attack brought on by anxiety. Either way, SEND HER MONEY NOW before her glass tank breaks again.

"When I am worried about what could be ahead I try and focus on one part of the problem I can handle at a time. If I stand back and look at the whole thing, the list of winter preparations, the lack sales, the bills, the anxiety; it’s too much. But if I can think about just one thing, and it can be as simple as doing the dishes, life gets a little easier [sic] I just want to be okay [sic] But first, the dishes."

Very interesting what she wrote there. Everyone knows that doing the dishes sucks. But for Jenna, the dishes are a wonderful distraction from the shit show that is her life. Feeling the warm, soapy suds caress her splintered glass hands is just the thing she needs to feel better! And she wants you to know that while everyone else on the planet hates this job, it makes her feel rich. And simple. OK guys, Jenna is gonna do the dishes, as that’s her only option at this time. But you poodles, you are lucky to have many options…like the option to get your wallets out and send her LUCK! Reply Delete

Hello to all of you Shammers. I am new to posting here but have been reading this blog, the original CAS blog and Meredith A’s blog for years. In 2012, our family left city living in the D.C. area and a government job to begin homesteading in the hills of West Virginia. I partially read one of Jenna’s books when we were devouring any information we could find to learn how to do this. Found her blog and began faithfully reading until I saw the begging pattern and became disgusted. We learned quickly that thinking about being poor is WAY different than actually being poor. This is one of things that really irks me with Jenna, if you can’t make your payments, you do EVERYTHING possible to earn money. She could be making money every weekend by travelling to Farmers’ Markets and selling things like flowers, garlic, onions, kale, eggs and many other things. If she took the time to do the research, did some square foot gardening, she would be able to produce many things and with ease. We learned that, using the Mel’s mix soil, you can wave seeds over that dirt and plants will spring up. Okay, not quite, but it is very productive soil. To begin she could sell cut flowers. Something I used to buy when living in a city was herb combinations in small muslin bags. She could spend $17 a pound on some combination from Mountain Rose Herbs, bag them and sell them. She would recover her investment quickly and start earning. Earning versus begging money–what a concept. Her statement "I can make a thousand dollars in a morning with graphic work" really chaps me because, it is very obvious that she cannot. I want to scream at her to humble herself and earn what she can. Just like some exercise is better than none, so too is some money better than none. All she has is time, time she can invest earning from a farmers’ market close to the suburbs. So she has to drive 2 hours, so what. The income is worth it. Plus, she would gain blog content with stories from the market. Of course, she would need to be nice to people and put away her annoying, condescending way of speaking to them–"What makes you think blank isn’t being taken care of?" Her response to any of the level headed criticism that Meredith would make back in the day. BTW, where is Meredith A?

"This farm needs your support to keep going, to get through this transition, to make it into winter. Every single farm needs customer support and I am lucky enough that I can farm words and pictures alongside lamb and pork and eggs and share them with a world-wide audience. So I am using this platform as my farm stand. I am asking for help to get through. And I’ll keep being honest and open about what it all means to me – the farm, your support, my life."

Authorities served a search warrant on Jenna’s property earlier this month and investigated her for animal abuse. We’ve reported the atrocious conditions that her animals live in many times. Finally they took action. Jenna was told to re-home her animals within a certain period of time or they will be taken away. Currently, Jenna has ads on Craigslist to sell the sheep and goat herds. We think that her neighbor Patty is taking the rest of them to keep for Jenna for whatever length of time that she isn’t allowed to have animals.

Someone who was in Jenna’s Heathen group (which turned out to be a cover for free chore labor on Jenna’s property) said that Jenna‘s previous hawk died in Jenna‘s care. We had suspected so for years as Jenna talked about the hawk, Anna Kendrick, constantly and then suddenly stopped mentioning her. We now realize that is a pattern with Jenna when an animal dies in her care and there have been a lot.

The authorities can only do so much. We wish they could place a lifetime ban on Jenna ever having animals again. However, that isn’t reality. The abuser gets many chances to abuse again and again. The only way to stop Jenna from abusing more animals is to step back and let her lose her property to the bank. Don’t help Jenna keep that shit pit of filth and animal neglect.