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Today I was out with Crosby Rambling Club and our destination was Anglesey where we intended to walk a section of the Anglesey Coastal Path. The plan was for the coach to drop us off in the village of Pentraeth from where we would walk down a green lane to the shore of Red Wharf Bay. From here we could walk along the edge of the beach to the Ship Inn and on to the promenade at Benllech. We could then continue along the cliff top path to Moelfre with time left to explore the village.

After a short section of road walking we turned right onto a minor road that led to the shore. To make matters worse it was now raining steadily. Halfway down the road we had to step to one side to let a car squeeze by. When we reached the shore the car was there with water almost up to its wheels.

A local resident had come out to ask where they were heading for. They pointed to a cottage a couple of hundred yards away but the approach to it was now under water. They had only popped out to do a bit of shopping.

Setting off again we passed on the inland side of a caravan park and then through woodland to emerge onto the beach at Benllech promenade. There were quite a few people on the beach, many sitting under umbrellas. Not the sunshade type,but proper umbrellas to keep them dry. Parents had promised their children a day on the beach and that is what they would get.

It was only another mile to Moelfre, we could just about see it through the mist and rain. We were all tired and wet. Any thought of walking round the village was abandoned and we headed straight for the Kinmel Arms pub for a pint. Everyone else must have had the same idea. The place was packed and it took me over ten minutes to get served. But it was worth it. An excellent pint of Unicorn Ale.

It was hard going especially at one rocky section that involved a bit of mild scrambling. No problem if you are young and agile. Neither of those apply to me. At one point I just could not raise my leg high enough to gain the next foothold. I had to use my knee. Of course you cannot push off your knee and next minute I was down on both knees. It had started to rain again and the rock was wet and greasy. I felt myself slipping back. I hung on with one hand whilst my other hand grappled with my walking pole. Help !!!. I managed to sort myself out but my heart was racing.

We made it down to the car park in Grasmere by which time we were all soaked. I had taken no more photos. My camera was stowed away inside my plastic lunch box, the only place that was still dry. Fortunately we all had spare clothing in the car. Mine were an old pair of paint splattered track suit bottoms and an old T shirt. We all looked a sorry sight. We considered going for a pint before we started back but I doubt if there was a pub that would have let us in.

I enquired at the hotel as to why it was called the Black Lake. I was told that it was the literal translation. Schwarzensee = Black Lake. But it was so called because it was deep, dark and mysterious. The water was cold so bathing was discouraged and no boats were allowed. This left the fish in peace so that they could make babies. Seems logical to me.

Most of the way is along forest paths and Jean was a bit apprehensive about me going off on my own for most of the day. Jokingly she said “ Don’t get lost in the forest and eaten by a bear” A reference to the Allan Sherman hit song of 1963. Hello Muddah, hello Faddah. Anyone remember it? The tune was fixed in my brain and I found myself humming it for the rest of the day.

There were two mountain cafes which were tempting but I decided to first walk round the lake. Looking back it was not really worth the effort. The walk was all on tarmac along the narrow road that round round the lake. It was a couple of hundred feet above the lake and there were only a couple of places where you could get down to the lake. I did my best to get some photos.