Curiously carmen –

Most of the meats were spicy so I couldn’t eat it 🙁 but I did try a few pieces. The meat was fresh and juicy and bursting with flavour. They used a lot of cumin seasoning which I personally loved! Of course, there was a good amount of spicy kick in it. If I was to come back and order non-spicy, it still would have been delicious because of the variety of spices they use.

Hand made noodle in bone broth: UGH, I forgot to take a photo of my noodles! =( Since most of the dishes were spicy and I didn’t want to upset my stomach again, I decided to order a soup noodle. I love hand made noodles so I wanted to see how they were here. The hand made noodles were chewy and slightly dense. I believe they were seasoned with white pepper before being cooked, because I could taste it in every bite.

However, the bone broth was disappointing and flat. It tasted like boiled water. On the plus side, you know that it is healthy and ‘ching’. I’m glad that the noodles had flavour!

Despite not being able to eat most of the food due to spice, I would still recommend coming to Happy Tree House BBQ if you can/like spicy food and meats. The meat is juicy, fresh and well seasoned. They have a lot of servers working so it’s easy to waive someone down. I would recommend making a reservation because it was packed at peak dinner time, around 7-8pm.

I’ve written about Tap & Barrel in the past, and thought it was finally time for an updated post four years later! The Olympic Village location is one of my top places to go in the summertime because the view is great and it is located in my favourite Vancouver neighbourhood. After eating here, I love taking a walk down the seawall and around the area. If you’re a tourist or showing people around the city, I would recommend this place for their view and vibe.

Spicy tuna burger, $17.95: This isn’t something I would normally order but it sounded pretty good, so we split this as well. The tuna burger came with seared ahi tuna, sesame lemongrass panko crust, avocado, cucumber, crispy onion, pickled shallots, spicy miso mayo. The burger was not that spicy. Everything in this burger went well together and I’m glad that we got this! Tap and Barrel also has good fries so we enjoyed this immensely too.

While the view and food was great, the service was lacking which is what I find the only bad thing about Tap and Barrel. It was hard to flag down our waiter and we didn’t get much service during our dinner. It was a struggle to get our drinks filled and to get the bill. The patio was completely full so I understand the lack of service, but I think they could benefit more by adding a couple more waiters. I would still come back for the atmosphere and food though. Compared to CRAFT which is across the street, Tap and Barrel has better prices and also a water view.

While looking up a new place for Cola and I to try, I came across The Union. I am a fan of fusion restaurants and the menu sounded delicious, so I suggested that we meet here! The Union is located in Chinatown on Union Street. It’s been awhile since I’ve gone to Chinatown and it’s crazy to see how much has changed in this area. Every time I come here, there’s a new store, restaurant, or building that wasn’t here before.

Jeow som, $10.00 (Wednesday special, originally $15): The chicken wings were marinated in a very unique blend of spices… cilantro, lime, garlic, fish sauce and bird’s eye chilies. It was a bit spicy but enjoyable. I’ve never had fish sauce marinated chicken wings but surprisingly it went well with everything else. This is why I love fusion restaurants!

Tom Kha Mu, $16.00: This was a bowl of fusion noodles, when I first saw it on the menu my mind was set! It came with lemongrass pork meatballs, coconut chicken broth, egg noodles, and chili oil. I really enjoyed this bowl of noodles and it was very unique. The lemongrass pork meatballs were juicy and had strong lemongrass flavour in it. The coconut chicken broth was very creamy and there was a hint of spice from the chili oil. The next day, I tried to re-create the coconut chicken broth myself because I couldn’t stop thinking about how delicious it was (Incase you’re wondering, it was a success although I might have added a bit too much lemongrass)!

I found the chicken wings to be meh… while it sounds cool and unique on the menu, they weren’t amazingly delicious. I also found them not to taste super fresh. However, I would come back to have the Tom Kha Mu. I would be interested in trying the other fusion noodles. The prices are a bit higher at $16-18 for a bowl of noodles, but judging on the quality of the Tom Kha Mu, it would be worth a try!