Daily cyclical ketogenic diet keto diet plan overview guide

1.) No – it will not take you out of ketosis for a couple days. “Ketosis” happens when your body no longer has carbs to use as an energy source. Lets say you consume 300 calories from carbs. Lets also say that your body burns the average 2,000 calories per day (or 83 calories per hour). When you eat 300 calories from carbs, your body will move out of ketosis to start burning those 300 calories. That will take approximately 3.5 hours. At that point – you have no carbs left to burn and your body will need to switch back over to burning fat for energy – hence you will be back in ketosis. How long you are out of ketosis for just depends on how many calories from carbs you consume on your micronutrient-dense meal.

3.) Going in and out of ketosis doesn’t have anything to do with being fat adapted.

You go in ketosis anytime your body no longer has calories from carbs to burn … which is going to be the same for everyone. The primary benefit of being fat adapted is that you stop becoming hangry. When you are not fat adapted, your body will make you suffer when your belly is empty because it isn’t good at switching energy sources from food to stored fat. When you become fat adapted, your body will simply switch it’s energy source to your stored fat when your belly is empty. ( 0) Log in to Reply

One idea for Vegan DCKD is to utilize a High Micronutrient Meal of raw non-starchy vegetables and a small amount of nutrient-dense fruits or berries, just like you described above. … This would be followed 30-60 minutes later with a Very Low Carb Meal of cooked greens, cooked (presoaked) beans, MCT oil, avocado, spices/herbs, lemon, and sea salt. And finally, wonderful, vitamin-B-laden, complete-protein nutritional yeast, such as in tablet form.

This Vegan DCKD might be an unbelievable, almost inconceivable combination of the positive research and data that surrounds ketosis and intermittent fasting, in combination with the notable life-extension, and performance-enhancing research and application of Dr. Nun S. Amen Ra, the (Vegan) World-Record-Holder of the Non-Steroid Dead-lift: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dR1FCJS8DoM

2. … If so, would it be possible to replace the application of exogenous ketones, with about liquid, minimalistic, non-protein, non-carb Ketone Boosters spread over a period of 6-10 hours … such as just flavored MCT oil powder in water, to maintain get as many fasting-type benefits during that time period as possible, while still getting the Ketone Booster energy?

Your ideas are interesting. Very similar to what I was wanting to try out after I met with a company that sells the exogenous ketones.. I spent about 2 hours at an expo last year speaking to the owner of a company that sells these products to doctors. We even talked about doing some type of joint venture with a program that used his exogenous ketones

I still have a couple of unopened packages here from him that I am going to try something like you described. This isn’t an insult in any way to him personally, but one thing that I didn’t like was how bad his breath was when he was drinking his exogenous salt mixture during the expo. It was so bad that it turned me off from going forward with trying out his product. I think I will test this out on a day off and see how I feel and how my breath is.

As far as substituting the exogenous ketones with oils etc… I have done it with our version of superfood keto coffee and also MCT oil in matcha tea. It works very well doing this strategy. When I first tried this, I went 3 days just drinking the superfood keto coffee and tea without anything else. I felt great and it was very effective at reducing hunger. Then I tried having a superfood smoothie in the morning and a few hours later had a superfood keto coffee, then a few hours later had a keto tea. I am always playing around trying different things, so I like what you have suggested.