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Why? Because for many, some key facets behind the JFK assassination remain largely unsolved. For example, was there a second gunman? Did lee harvey oswald pull the trigger? Was there a shooter behind the ‘grassy knoll’ fence? Was russia, the CIA, the mafia, the military-industrial complex or fidel castro involved? Why was alleged JFK assassin lee harvey oswald killed by mob afffiliate jack ruby before oswald could fully talk? The list of never fully answered questions is long, indeed.

While time travel is not considered a deus ex machina method to solving seemingly intractable dilemmas, it shares some similarity with that ancient greek approach of bringing in a hitherto-unknown force to provide a tidy ending. Unlike deus ex machina, which injects a most unlikely story resolution late in the story, time travel usually involves the necessary suspension of reality earlier on, in order to utilize unrealistic options that are not otherwise available.

This is not to belittle time travel. Best funeral services phoenix time travel is a terrific format for entertainment, as witnessed by some outstanding films like ‘ somewhere in time.’ so for escapist entertainment, if one suspends disbelief, time travel can be uniquely exciting. Yet if we’re intent on moving a step closer to actually solving the mystery of an event like the assassination of our 35th president, there is another option, which to many is far more exciting.

The use of new evidence is an approach that could actually advance the resolution of the thorniest problems…including the assassination of president kennedy. Think of it this way. Moody funeral home mt airy nc obituaries if a homicide detective truly wishes to solve a murder, time and again it is good detective work, including a hunt for all available new evidence, that is the proven recipe for success. Consider the uncovering of many noteworthy clues since the JFK assassination, like the discovery of never-seen movies taken in dallas that day on november 22, 1963.

Americans have endured a host of painful events on a large scale. Examples from the past century include world war I, the great depression and world war II. Integrity funeral services east london with the official warren commission report singling out american lee harvey oswald as the president’s killer, it can be argued that what makes the JFK assassination so painful is that the murder of our own president was allegedly carried out by a fellow american, seen by some as our own collective hand. While on a different scale, perhaps a better comparison of this effect is the civil war, where americans were done in by their own countrymen.

Oswald was an american military veteran, but a brief peek into his life shows signs of an atypical US citizen. Eventually, unamerican elements were implicated in the assassination of president kennedy, including the soviet union, cubans, and the mafia. But consider plenty of oft-suggested scenarios, such as the thought president kennedy may have been killed by rogue elements within the US government. As a result, americans grew conflicted and lost trust in their institutions. Reinforcing this view are polls showing a majority of americans continue to believe president kennedy was killed as part of a conspiracy.

The forthcoming contribution of academy award-winning filmmaker oliver stone is called “JFK II” by some and the james bond-esque title “secrets never keep” by others. Mr. Nevada funeral services carson city stone is quoted by the seattle PI as saying “I will be delving into the analysis of the many convoluted conspiracy theories that have captivated a nation and held it hostage for almost 50 years. Moore funeral home arlington tx obituaries I hope to shed some light on what has become a dark shadow on the nation’s soul.”

Another anticipated JFK film is based on the bestselling book the kennedy detail by lisa mccubbin and former secret service agent gerald blaine. It tells the tale of JFK’s presidency from the perspective of the men who guarded his life during his time in office, including on november 22, 1963. Both films are expected to be released by november, 2013.

One more expected film about president kennedy is reportedly being produced by famous actor tom hanks. With the working title parkland, speculation has it set entirely in dallas, the site of president kennedy’s murder. Movie insiders say the film will document moments leading up to president kennedy’s assassination and focus on abraham zapruder, who filmed the most famous images from dealey plaza.