Diy all-natural face oil for acne-prone and oily skin body unburdened

Hi Nadia!! I just discovered your site, and I’m really excited to use your recipe for my moisturizer!! I just started on the path to using actual natural oils/honey on my face versus products that are made of natural ingredients. I was just wondering what you think of using camellia oil as a face wash? I’ve only recently started using it somewhat regularly, but I was also wondering if there were better options? I saw your recipe for face wash, but I’m scared of tea tree oil because I ised a tea tree oil product before, and my skin didn’t like it.. I have really oily skin, and recently, it’s been acting up even more (maybe because of the cold weather?), and I really want to get my skin on lockdown. I have tried so many different product lines (currently seeing how Tatcha fairs on my skin over an extended period of time), but it seems like my skin is rejecting the moisturizer or just doesn’t like it.

It doesn’t feel like it soaks into my skin. Pleas help!! I would love to know your thoughts on all of this!!

My skin gets very oily during the day and I have blackheads and acne that comes every now and then. I have been trying OCM for about 3 weeks now combined with honey washing. I then moisturize with an oil sometimes with aloe vera sometimes only the oil. At first it worked good, my skin did not get oily and I had much less acne breakouts. But now my skin is starting to get oily again during the day. Why is that? I didn’t see any adjustment period as often mentioned, could that be what is going on now? Have anyone else experienced this method working great for a longer or shorter period of time only to be oily again later (weeks/month)?

I do my OCM with castor oil: safflower oil 1:4 because I experienced dry patches on my cheeks with a higher ratio of castor oil. At first I moisturized after the cleansing with coconut oil but now use safflower oil. My face really fells like it needs a moisturizer both after OCM and honey wash. I’m thinking about adding some essentials oils, could that help?

LISTEN LISTEN LISTEN, I rarely leave comments anywhere, but you literally just saved my skin! I’ve always had an acne problem and when I recently hit my 30’s everything went haywire. This past Monday I was looking at my swollen face from breakouts that appeared that morning and started to become depressed. I was just about to purchase a $400 acne system because I was so desperate for help. My mom recently got into essential oils and since she had a bathroom cabinet full, I figured let me google and see what I can put on my face now until I can purchase the system. In her batch I found tea tree oil and frankincense. (I’m literally shedding tears writing this.) It’s as if the bumps started going away before my eyes. I spent the rest of my evening randomly walking in front of the mirror because I couldn’t believe it. The next day they were GONE!! I am absolutely a believer and am inspired to help others. I’m so excited for the future of my skin. Thank you so so much Nadia for doing the work and sharing. God bless you.