Draftkings fantasy football review aug 2018

There is also a global player swap feature which will allow you to swap the same player in multiple lineups all at once. This feature works for multiple lineups for the same start time. To keep your salary cap requirement integrity, only players with a salary equal to or less than the selected player will be shown. This is pretty slick for last minute changes across the board.

Your afternoon or prime time players can still be replaced with another player whose game has not yet started. This is critical to account for recent injury news or sudden inactive postings, or if you just decided to change your mind on a particular player. All users should be aware of this very unique feature as this could end up being a deciding factor in your contests!

DraftKings no longer allows external script programs on the site, but have added features for downloading a .csv file to manually create your own lineups for a particular contest’s sport and start time. After manually creating each of your lineups in the .csv file (a maximum of 500 are allowed), you can upload this file to the DraftKings site which will create these lineups in their interface.

Depending on which contest type tab you selected, the available contest list below will specify the type of sport you selected, if not all, the contest name, the number of current entries and the entry size cap (“G” indicates a guaranteed prize pool), the entry fee, total prize pool, and start time. To join any contest, simply select the “Enter” button next to that particular contest, and you are good to go.

Guaranteed prize pool tournaments carry the most action of all the contests because they have the largest entry sizes and largest cash prize pools. The cash prizes offered for these contests are guaranteed, meaning that even if the entry size cap number is not completely filled by entrants, these contests will run regardless with the specific cash prize pool for that contest being paid out.

Qualifier tournaments offer the winners entry tickets or “seats” to larger cash stakes tournaments, very similar to satellite tournaments for poker. For example, a particular qualifier contest may give the top 1,000 winners entry tickets to the next larger tournament. Winning tickets for qualifier tournaments is an inexpensive way to get into big money contests.

Contests at each step level are available every day. Also, if you win a step ticket in any sport, you can use that ticket to enter a step tournament for any other sport at that same step level. For example, if you win an NFL Step 2 ticket, you could use that ticket to enter an NBA Step 2 tournament. The NFL steps tournament is a fantastic way to turn $2 into $200 in only 4 steps!

The contests types you can create can be customized however you wish. Leagues can be free or have a cash entry fee. The league leader board feature tracks your performance against your league members. The recurring contest mode feature allows you to set up the same weekly contest once, without having to recreate that contest for future weeks again.