Easy ways to make your office greener. thyblackman

( ThyBlackMan.com) Most modern office spaces have a lot of ways to go green. The best thing about going green as an office space is it’s easier than ever! From office supplies to employee habits, even small changes make a big difference in cutting down your overall environmental footprint. The biggest step in achieving a green office is the first step! Start by simply committing to making your office more green! Recruit your employees to help, and work together to make your office better for the planet. Here are easy ways to make your office greener today!

It might seem like choosing to go paperless is a big step. If your office has been using paper documents and forms for years, it’s downright daunting to make the switch.

Instead of thinking of it as a chore, think of everything your office has to gain. Going paperless means having a better system for staying organized as an office. It also boosts collaboration as it’s easier for several employees to access the same paperwork when necessary. Finally, it cuts down on costs! Say goodbye to buying bulk paper and say hello to savings! You don’t have to make the switch overnight, just make big steps every day towards a paperless office.

A lot of energy is wasted in your office just from leaving too many electronics plugged in. While you might have a system for switching off all machines and computers at night, these still use energy if they’re plugged into the wall. Have employees unplug their machines when they’re done for the day and do the same for large appliances and tools in your office that also use electricity. You can also make sure your tech equipment is updated to include energy efficient models!

Nobody wants to work in a place that doesn’t have any natural light. While you probably can’t increase the number of windows in your building, you can make sure your windows are open during the day. Having more natural light means you’ll need less overhead lighting which can be costly and harmful for the environment. Natural light also is a natural energy booster and eliminates the need for as much heat in the winter.

One of the least thought about places to go green in the office is the breakroom. If your employees are used to using disposable glasses and cutlery, purchase a set of actual dishes that can be used by all. For the cooking and cleaning supplies in the breakroom, choose green products and recyclables that don’t harm the environment. If you have an outdoor break area, encourage employees to clean up after themselves. For the smokers in the office, encourage the use of electronic cigarettes from Vapour.com which cut down on second-hand smoke. Every employee can take small steps to improve the overall office!

If your office has the tendency to print several memos or distribute materials, consider another option. Instead of printing memos for every desk, just place one memo in a central area. In addition, use whiteboards or projectors to share meeting information rather than printed lists. Don’t forget you can also use your company email or cloud management software to keep information clear across all levels of employees!

It’s easy to overlook the small changes above even though they make a big impact in the environment. The best part of an office-wide environmental initiative is getting everyone involved! Encourage employees to suggest new ways to keep your office green and celebrate your improvements! The green ideas above aren’t difficult, but they make the right difference!