Ebay open 2018 ceo devin wenig answers questions during keynote – ecommercebytes

“The first thing you do is build a great product, the first thing you do is service customers really well.” He said eBay has 175 million buyers – “that’s not even getting started.” It’s a good number, he said, “but I want half a billion buyers.” To get there, eBay has to modernize the platform; get better at customer service; and get quality sellers and inventory on to the platform, he said.

When asked about eBay’s decision to take over payments management on the platform (in the future, buyers will pay eBay instead of paying sellers directly), Wenig said what he wants is choice for buyers and simplicity and lower costs for sellers. eBay announced today that it will accept Apple Pay mobile payments through its beta testing that begins in September.

In answering a question about what eBay was doing about the numerous site glitches, Wenig called them unacceptable and said he was “pissed off” about them and had made changes to the team. “I hold my team accountable. It’s not important, it’s an internal matter, but we’ve made changes to people and teams, because shipping product that isn’t ready is not okay. It’s not okay with me, and it’s not okay with my team.”

Promoted listings feature?? it’s not enough sellers pay 10% plus a possible insertion fee, eBay now wants an additional percentage to “promote” our listings? I could go on. Do your JOB eBay! It’s obvious you want to be amazon – it’s NEVER gonna happen! Greener grass syndrome has blurred ebay’s leadership, losing site of great branding – along the lines of Kleenex and Xerox. Wasted because they want to be amazon. Let me ask you this Wenig, when has anyone outside of eBay ever told you of the time they got a great deal on tubes socks, underwear or batteries? NEVER is a guess! But I could count dozens of times in person or in the media where a buyer raved about that vintage vinyl record, toy, a rare designer jacket even a potato chip with the image of Elvis on it that was purchased on eBay! You can’t buy that kind of advertising. Because of resources spent chasing amazon it now would be a financial disaster to go “back” to what made eBay great. As a reseller, I will put my faith in new platforms like Mercari, Poshmark and some not so new like Etsy and Facebook Marketplace to appreciate the vintage, used and rare niche that eBay has taken for granted. Enjoy mediocrity eBay it’s your resting place.

If eBay wants to be Amazon, create a new site. eBay should be about antiques & collectibles. That’s what the original vision was. The worst addition was the seller dashboard which proves it’s harder to keep eBay happy than your buyers. I’ve gotten positive feedback from buyers but transaction defects for tracking not uploaded on time, etc. why does it matter as long as the buyer is happy? Why does eBay have to micromanage every single aspect of a transaction and why should the seller be responsible when the post office screws up? Most importantly, why do sellers get notifications when an item sells, is paid for (ship now), when a case is opened, when a message is received….but not when a transaction defect shows up on your dashboard. This is something that can affect your top rated status or put you below standard, not to mention you only have 60-90 days to appeal it depending on the type of defect. Why should I be expected to check my dashboard every week? I have so many other websites and notifications that need to be maintained. Why won’t eBay at least let me know that there is a defect so I can try to get it appealed?