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With the staccato style of an east coast comic, “Nurse Stefan” (as he is called) grabs the attention of viewers with his irreverent, energetic delivery. His premier-quality video productions (which number 22 and counting) cover a wide range of topics well beyond the benefits of breastfeeding. For instance, one of his earlier videos focuses on fear management – even if your fear runs the gamut from skydiving to the impending zombie apocalypse.

An enthusiastic representative for the nursing profession Torres recently won first prize in a Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Nurses Week contest for his achievements. The foundation will produce “a short documentary segment on Stefan’s passion for demonstrating and promoting the health and well-being of our community,” his employer, Swedish Medical Center, explains in its employee newsletter.

It takes loads of my time, energy and focus for each video to get from my brain to the screen. I cut back to part-time my hospital schedule in order to devote more of myself to voluntarily creating these educational videos, and it still takes up nearly every minute of my free time. But it’s important to me to help educate the public on health-related topics, so it’s worth it.

I’ve never acted or taken any sort of acting/drama class. I stay genuine when I’m being filmed, though much more energetic for the sake of engaging the viewers. I’ve been told my east-coast accent, which I thought I’d lost a long time ago, is much more prominent when I get excited and animated about things, so you’ll hear that come through more in my videos.

ST: Absolutely. If you would’ve told me this past March (when I uploaded my first educational video) that a couple months later the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, the nation’s largest public health philanthropy organization, would be flying a director and PR representative to Seattle to head an award-winning production team on producing a documentary segment about my videos (which I voluntarily produce myself outside of work to help the people) — I would have simply laughed.

I’ve been at this for a short amount of time, and the feedback I’ve gotten has been overwhelmingly positive. Things happen quickly and unexpectedly. It won’t stop, because I won’t stop. I’d encourage anyone with an opportunity or connection to any sort of public outreach, be it news, media, or web, that might benefit my mission to educate and influence, to reach out to me and help: [email protected]. Stefan Torres is interviewed by a documentary film team member as part of his recognition for winning a Robert Wood Johnson Foundation contest during Nurses Week. (Photo courtesy Swedish Medical Center)

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