Equi-vest® for 403(b) plans 5 minute desk workout

Use the EQUI-VEST variable annuity to help bring a valuable benefit—a 403(b) plan—to your employees. An annuity product designed specifically for the 403(b) market, EQUI-VEST is packed with features and services that can make sponsoring a 403(b) plan easier than you may think. 67 desktop computer case power supply reset hdd button switch find the right solution: consider a 403(b) plan your employees benefit — and so do you

Plan design and ongoing administration, recordkeeping, and compliance services are all part of the EQUI-VEST package. We also leverage technology through our plan sponsor website to reduce paperwork and provide you with 24/7 access to plan information. In addition, a financial professional is always available to assist you on plan-related issues. Hp deskjet 3632 scan investment options for employees across the risk spectrum

Employees benefit from EQUI-VEST’s wide variety of investment options, including a guaranteed interest option, designed to suit the beginner to the sophisticated investor. The lineup includes various options that offer the potential for market gains up to a specified limit, along with some protection against some market losses. Another feature provides a guaranteed withdrawal benefit for life as an optional feature available for an additional fee. Hotel front desk agent job description resume employee education and communication

The EQUI-VEST variable annuity keeps pace with you and your employees’ changing needs. Enhanced online capabilities, an expanded investment option lineup, and features that may be able to address inflation and longevity concerns about retirement income—it’s all available with EQUI-VEST. Explore all EQUI-VEST® offers are you taking full advantage of EQUI-VEST?

The lineup includes a structured investment option, which offers your employees the potential for market gains up to a specified limit along with some protection against some market losses.4 we also offer the personal income benefit SM, a “pension-like” benefit that provides guaranteed withdrawal payments for life and may help employees address inflation, longevity, and market volatility concerns. 5 employee education and communication

We offer your employees several ways to access their accounts. Computer on desktop we want to help ensure that all of your employees—no matter how they like to communicate—find an easy way to take advantage of this important opportunity. That’s why we supplement our employee tools and resources with an online education and enrollment tool3 that gives your employees a convenient, 24/7 way to learn about and enroll in your plan.

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5 early withdrawals from the personal income benefit account value or withdrawals from the personal income benefit account value that exceed the guaranteed annual withdrawal amount may significantly reduce or eliminate the value of the personal income benefit. Hp deskjet 3050a wireless setup windows 8 the personal income benefit is a feature available for an additional fee and is not appropriate if the participants does not intend to take withdrawals prior to annuitization. If you choose not to offer the personal income benefit investment option, participants can still elect one of the available distribution options under the plan.

Variable annuities are long-term financial products designed for retirement purposes. There are contract restrictions, limitations, fees and charges associated with annuities, which include, but are not limited to, mortality and expense risk charges, sales and withdrawal charges and administrative fees. A financial professional can provide cost information and complete details. Tanker desk for sale craigslist withdrawals are subject to ordinary income tax treatment and may be subject to an additional 10% federal income tax penalty. Contact a financial professional for costs and complete details. Withdrawals may also be subject to a contractual withdrawal charge of 5% in the first five prior contract years for the EQUI-VEST series 201 contract. Variable annuities are subject to market risk including loss of principal.

An annuity contract that is purchased to fund a 403(b) plan should be done so for the annuity’s features and benefits other than tax deferral. For such cases, tax deferral is not an additional benefit for the annuity. You may also want to consider the relative features, benefits, and costs of this annuity with any other investment that you may have in connection with your retirement plan or arrangement.