Error u052 on canon printers kitchen sink top

Same issue as the rest. U052 error message. 6 year old canon pixma MP610. Working fine last night, error message this morning. Read all above and, well blow me down; removed cartridges, removed print head, reinserted print head and then cartridges, turned printer off and left for 10 minutes, rebooted PC in the meantime, turned on printer and shoot, error message still there.

Next; unplugged printer from mains and left for 20 minutes, went and cooked myself some poached eggs on toast, returned to printer, plugged back into the mains and then pressed the power switch holding down the two long buttons under the screen at the same time. Printer went through a longish boot up clearly going through a full print head clean process.

Finally settled itself down and WOW, no error message. The kitchen sink company did a couple of test prints and all seems OK – well for now at least.

Have to say that canon’s support out of warranty is PITIFUL at best. Saying that if the power thing does not work ‘sent it to canon for a service’ for some exorbitant whithout them telling you what is actually wrong is tantamount to canon taking the pi*s. Kitchen sink drain installation instructions in fact why can’t canon be transparent and tell you what the problem is anyway – unregulated industry !

Can’t help wondering if it is something to do with either the ink tray that filling up after repeated print head cleaning sessions or there is some code that gets sent back to canon when X hundred/thousand prints have been made ot otherwise is time activated. Very little surprises me with the way the computer industry works in the search for the holy grail of making even more money for the rich !

In my case the replacement printhead did not work, directly out of the package. I tried it on 2 pixma MX860 printers, on each of which an old printhead worked fine. I was tempted to return it – especially because the printhead as delivered was wet with ink and some other fluid, but found that a printhead cleaning procedure enabled it to function well (for me, this time).

Procedure: 1. Spray the printhead liberally with glass cleaner. You may want to direct the spray into the incoming and outgoing ink orifices; 2. Soak the printhead in a water+glass cleaner solution dish for an indeterminate time; 3. My kitchen sink smells bad swish the printhead around in the solution to extract from the printhead ink that was presumably used in manufacturer testing; 4. Rinse the printhead off with clean water. Pat its orifices with a towel or paper towel; 5. Dispose of the solution; 6. Repeat steps 1 through 5 until no ink seems to be leaching from the printhead either into solution or onto the towel; 7. Pat the printhead dry with a soft towel or paper towel; do NOT let the printhead dry any further yet!; 8. Kitchen with sink in island soak the printhead in rubbing alcohol in the dish. Swish it around with the goal of displacing water left in the printhead with the rubbing alcohol. My kitchen sink is clogged what should i do let it sit in the solution for an hour or more; 9. Repeat step 8 with new rubbing alcohol another time or two; 10. Dry the printhead with non-destructive heat. I used a combination of soft toweling, sunshine and forced air house heat; 11. Try it out again in the printer. I hope that it works for you.

There is only one way to repair a U052 persistent error. How to remove a moen kitchen faucet cartridge replace printhead and motherboard. The printhead and motherboard do not have the static protection that other printers have. Hence when you replace the ink cartridges a slight static discharge will ruin the printhead. How to install a kitchen sink drain basket this happens on a lot of electronic equipment that fails to be engineered properly with static protection on the input/output connections. Here’s the added engineering failure on this machine. The printhead isn’t the only unit in this machine that does not have the static protection. The motherboard drivers are also not protected. Here is what really happens after you get a persistent U052 error and if you replace the printhead. The shorted drivers on the motherboard will short out the drivers on that brand new printhead. Now if you were electronically inclined you could figure out a way to replace the drivers on both, which would be the cheapest way to repair this printer. However you still have the engineering issue of no static protection. To repair this is not an easy task even for a pro. If you wish to be dogged about this, replace both the motherboard and the printhead at the same time. The kitchen sink restaurant st louis mo problem fixed….Maybe, and at a cost of $75-$140. I fixed mine for a cost of about $80.00. Only because I am a stupid ahole. The problem came back the very first time I replaced the ink cartridges and the printer is now sitting on my 9mm range in back of my house. What an expensive target but I am somewhat satisfied every time the gun goes off.