Fact-checking jon wedger hoaxtead research

Because the canals, I mean, they’re ancient transit routes, I mean [gestures at canal behind them] that thing there, it was 1798 that was set up. And because it’s so old, they go on to become parish boundaries, which then become local authority boundaries. In London, we’ve got boroughs, and each borough is its independent policing district.

Now we only have that in London. If you go to, say, Nottingham, Nottingham itself is one policing district. And to Leicestershire, that would be a policing district, right? So when the Sex Offenders Registry Act come out, someone who had either been convicted or cautioned for a Schedule 1 sexual offence, or had served time for one, had to sign on as a sex offender.

Some of them were transient, they would live in cars, and they were driving about, but it’s difficult in a car, you know, the police are going to stop you, it’s not taxed, you’ve got no land address, and it’s an uncomfortable life.

But one of them [points to canal boat], they’re a self-contained unit. You can get water from a garage, there’s a garage over there, you get your electricity from a generator, you can buy your petrol over there, and you can move about.

Jon: “Rosie and Jim”, yeah, so what you’d have on the windows of some of these boats, you’d have dolls. One of them is a fleur de lys badge, a Scout badge, so a Scout is taught that if you see that, it’s a safe haven. And again, look how much the scouting system has come to notice. They’re set up with benevolence, to help kids in deprived areas, but of course it gets hijacked, like everything gets hijacked. And of course kids would be drawn to it.

It was just unbelievably successful. And I was getting backing from the Paedophile Unit. [3] So much so, was my success on this unit, they actually took the legislation for judicial review, and got the initial registration for the first 28 days reduced to 14 days. [4] And then every month after that was 28 days, because of this problem that I’d highlighted. So that shows the impact it had.

According to Wikipedia, “The Paedophile Unit is a branch of the Metropolitan Police Service’s Child Abuse Investigation Command, based at Scotland Yard in London, England. It operates against the manufacture and distribution of child pornography, online child grooming, and ‘predatory paedophiles online’, and organised crime associated with these”.

It’s difficult to say whether Wedger’s factual errors are deliberate on his part, or whether they stem from mental illness, or a combination of the two. He has stated that he was put on sick leave with PTSD, and since we don’t know the details of that, we can’t comment on whether it could have left him with an inability to recall basic details in a coherent manner.

While details of registration, address etc are obviously recorded on the police computer these details ARE NOT accessible by just any other police officer except those at a very senior level such a chief inspector and even then they cannot access all details, they must, in turn, contact whichever officer is in control of that district. The whole notion of that register is for it to be confidential and in fact, the complete opposite of the USA system where the public can look people up.

And no matter how many times fanatics ( I’m putting Wedger in this category) or politicians looking for a cheap newspaper headline (like the infamous Geoffrey Dickens MP who was all bluster and wind when waving his so-called “dossiers” in the air that proved to be nonsense) for a public style register ALL senior police have nipped that in the bud as being the very opposite of good policing which would make their job ten times harder.

So unless Wedger was at some time one of these officers in control of a certain area he could not possibly know the details of any registered offender or where they did or didn’t live. He could not access that information on the police computer or if he did, that is an offense in itself. There is no way he would know if one or 100 offenders lived on canal boats, or in Spain or in a barn and he could only know the names of those in a particualr area.

Speaking of Geoffrey Dickens: Wedger seems to be in this category. All Dickens so-called ‘evidence” was largely from fanatics writing him letters saying there was a Satanic Cult in the local Anglican Church or Mr. Blogs down the road had ten children hidden in the basement and so on. Dickens wasn’t stupid. He lived in a time when tabloids would run any old nonsense without proof. He waved his thick dossiers around as though they were real (another MP peeked in one once and said it was all blank paper) and the only time he was basically forced to hand over his dossier to authorities it proved to be just that- a compilation of gossip.

The vast majority of those on the Register tend to be one-time offenders ranging from extreme offenses to relatively minor but nonetheless- they have to sign on. And the police have a job, under the legislation. to monitor these people. But they do understand it’s best to deal with them in a civil matter and to encourage them to fulfill their obligations under the law. Apart from the fact most police deal with some pretty sick stuff in their time so they don’t want to make their job any harder.

Mistakes happen but in reality, there is little reason for any offender to go ‘underground”. Why?. It just makes them vulnerable to further arrest and more punishment. The police actually prefer neighbors etc don’t know someone next door has a conviction (unless there is some child involved under the legislation) as it’s just another headache for them if locals start harassing them.

And furthermore, Mr. Wedger’s claims re canal boats etc is pretty wacky stuff. The vast majority of those on the Sex Offenders Register tend to be working class or at best middle class. They either live in council housing or their own homes and the notion of upping stakes, for no reason, is a real complication. They have jobs etc and moving is a big deal.

One of my pal’s real beefs was that he thought all the monitoring, in the end, did not prevent crime as he thought a real determined pedophile could be so cunning he could plot and plan a crime and no-one could really stop him (her) or at the other end of the scale, someone could commit an on-the-spur offense and all the monitoring in the world could, sadly, not prevent it.