Faq – isboxer

If you have new Key Maps for different teams, that would conflict with the others (e.g. because they use the same Hotkey), you can add ALL of them to the toggle in the above fashion — however, you will need to do another step afterward to make sure that only the right ones get loaded for each team. For each Character Set, select it in the top pane, then in the bottom left pane select "Key Maps". This will bring up a Key Maps white/black list. You have the option of white listing only the key maps that CAN (ever) be used for that Character Set (recommended), or black listing the key maps that CANNOT (ever) be used for that Character Set (not recommended because any time you add a new Key Map to the toggle, you would need to go through and black list it on a bunch of Character Sets).

Your toons will move in different directions if you are broadcasting your movement buttons. Generally this is due to having Key broadcasting and/or Mouse broadcasting enabled. It is meant to be off most of the time. See the Quick Start Guide ( WoW; Non-WoW) sections on "Understanding Key Maps vs Repeater" ( WoW; Non-WoW) and "Quickly add many broadcasting hotkeys" ( WoW; Non-WoW)

ISBoxer works on any version of World of Warcraft. However, the ISBoxer Addon is designed to work with the current version of World of Warcraft. If you are using a version of World of Warcraft too old to use Addons, you should use "Other" instead of "World of Warcraft" on the first page of the Quick Setup Wizard in order to avoid confusion.

If your input device requires software to operate — such as Logitech SetPoint, Razer Configuration software, Steel Series Engine, Logitech Keyboard Profiler, etc — you must run this software as Administrator for the custom programming to operate while ISBoxer, Inner Space, or your game is active. Note that this affects the Mouse4 and Mouse5 buttons on some mice, but more generally any additional buttons past 5.

Run the Quick Setup Wizard again to create a new Character Set (this creates new Characters as well and ensures all the file virtualization is done correctly). This will also create a new Window Layout. You can replace this new Window Layout with the existing Window Layout by assigning it to the new Character Set as described in the ISBoxer UI video. Finally, if you have made any new Key Maps (or anything else for that matter) they can have the new Character Set assigned to them in the same way. File, Export to Inner Space and you should be good to go.

• Recently, it has become quite common for problems like this to occur on laptops with Optimus (an Intel and Nvidia graphics card setup). There is no specific fix for this currently other than moving to using a VideoFX Layout (nb. ISBoxer r42 can setup VideoFX Layouts for you if you select the "Use VideoFX" option in the Window Layout generator).

If you have a new computer, graphics card, monitor, have moved some cables around, have recently updated graphics drivers, or upgraded/reinstalled your OS, or copied this profile from another computer, then chances are the internal Windows display references have changed, and it makes your old Window Layout try and present to a physical display which is no longer connected to the same internal virtual port.

• If you have created any mapped keys on the number keys, and put them in the Always On Key Map, then they will probably be interfering. You should delete them and recreate your mapped keys in one of the other Key Maps that can be disabled. The Key Maps which are disabled usually have the word "Hotkeys" in the name. Your custom mapped keys would normally go in the ISB42 – Custom Hotkeys key map. If you have created your own Key Map and it is not being disabled with the toggle, please see FAQ: I added a new Key Map but the Key Maps toggle does not disable it.

To re-enable Broadcasting for use during CCP’s stated-as-acceptable times (login, client settings, window positions, etc), un-check the new Character Set setting ‘Disable capabilities to control multiple windows simultaneously, including Broadcasting and Action Target Groups (EVE Online)’ and Export to Inner Space. Please take care not to broadcast to multiple EVE Online windows simultaneously during prohibited times.

Is it possible to clone my in-game window positions to my other EVE clients for easy broadcasting? Note As of January 2015, EVE Online has prohibted input broadcasting on gameplay elements. It is still allowed to broadcast during login, and to adjust game client settings through the in-game settings windows, and to reposition windows within the game clients.

If you disable Window Swapping, you should have no problem switching windows while zoning. EQ doesn’t process window messages (like for the size to change) while zoning (or at other loading screens), sadly. But that’s not the end of the world; I don’t use Window Swapping anymore, personally — Video FX are way cooler. Check out these threads for some ideas: How to add a blank window for your video feeds! and Interesting uses for Video FX.

The reason this happens is your movement speed is loosely tied to your framerate (FPS). If a character’s FPS drops below about 20-25, you will have a hard time keeping them following without slowing the leader down. This is typically a symptom of having too many game instances for the number of CPU cores on your system — ideally, you want a core per instance. (See CPU Management)

Some builds do not have this "problem", as they do not have (or can avoid using) channeled spells and do not (or can avoid doing any) melee. WoW Addons can also periodically re-follow for you automatically; an example of this is the Follow Strobing feature of the Jamba Addon. If you have the Jamba Addon already, ISBoxer provides a Mapped Key to toggle Follow Strobing (in ISB42 – Base Hotkeys, you will need to set a Hotkey for it). There is also a Jamba feature to auto-follow after combat (your mileage may vary).

Unfortunately, World of Warcraft does not provide a command, hotkey, or Addon functionality to just stop following. Fortunately, pressing a movement key stops following. ISBoxer‘s Quick Setup Wizard provides two Mapped Keys in the Non-Combat Key Map that will turn your followers left or right in order to break follow. All you have to do is set up a Hotkey for one of them.

• In the bottom right pane, at the top, is a Hotkey option. Click the Open With > Notepad). Note: Characters created in ISBoxer will have their own config-CHARACTERNAME.wtf configuration file, but if you want all future characters to use the same region, then also make the change, explained in the next step, within the main config.wtf file, as well.

This is usually due to your Window Layout having an invalid monitor handle (new graphics cards/new monitor/moving cables/driver updates can do this), or you are experiencing the bug that’s been in the WoW game client since DX11 was introduced into it (and you are using DX11 – note this is currently forced as of the BFA update), where you have multiple graphics cards and a monitor attached to each one, and you are trying to set a Window Layout where some or all of the game windows run on the monitor that is NOT the primary monitor as defined in Windows.