Fashion with compassion fashionable over 50

You can’t miss the giant welcome sign which looks like a huge gateway to a panoramic view of this spectacular lake. For a nautical look I wore skinny sailor stripes with bell sleeves and red deck shoes which I’ve had since the ’80s (they belonged to my daughter when she was a teenager, I’ve inherited a few of her clothes/shoes/accessories). This silver starfish pendant and white deck pants complete my beach look.

Southampton After enjoying a beautiful sunset at Sauble Beach, we drove to Southampton and stayed there overnight. The next day we had breakfast in a quaint little bistro and went for a morning stroll along the beach. It was very peaceful and relaxing: blue skies and sun shining, literally a breath of fresh air! I love the sound of seagulls and waves crashing gently on the shore.

The view of Lake Huron was magnificent as always.

Blue and white are my favourite colours to wear by the sea. I’m loving bell sleeves and this top is a soft shade of blue and matches the big blue sky. When I like a style, I tend to get several. I have 5 tops and a dress with bell sleeves. Like all tourist towns, there are unique shops. I noticed a cute little boutique Bliss. The owner Jackie is retiring and had a fantastic sale, but that’s another story.

And in this case … the WOMAN. What we wear is an expression of our personalities, our likes, our moods. It reflects our attitudes and values. My mom had a profound influence on me, she always looked her best whether she was going to church on Sunday or grocery shopping. She dressed with dignity. Many mothers would go shopping with curlers in their hair, but not my mom. She had every hair in place and looked like she just stepped out of the beauty parlour. My mom was a hairdresser and did her own hair. She inspired me in my appreciation of fashion and taking care of myself. She never even owned a pair of jeans until later in her life and only wore them for gardening. In my childhood days, I still picture her mowing the lawn in her cute coral capris and a pretty little sleeveless top. Dress with dignity, dress for success. If you want to wear gray jogging pants or frayed BF jeans or flannel pyjamas in public, you can. However, the old adage “you can’t judge a book by its cover” does not really work in society. For example, if you go to a job interview looking like you just finished cleaning your yard, doubt you will get the job because people DO judge by appearance. Workout clothes are for working out and swimsuits are for swimming. So it is with other items which are suitable for the activity. If you are invited to a wedding, the bride will not be impressed if you decide to show up wearing cut-off shorts. It would be disrespectful. You want to make her happy too. Dressing for the occasion is important. Whether dressed up or dressed down, we can still dress with style. There are so many thrift shops and second-hand shops, you don’t need to be rich to dress well . When I look my best, I feel my best. Having said that, we must be careful not to be critical or judgemental of others because we don’t know what a person may be going through. There are so many heartaches and difficulties in life. But I’m talking about being lazy and not caring. My outfit I bought these crop pants last year and recently bought a matching Kimono-style trench coat. It’s great for traveling because I can mix and match: I can wear it with the matching crop pants or dress up my jeans. It’s a perfect blend of a dressy and casual look. I love the Japanese inspired print. I’ve also worn it as a lounging robe at home and to host a dinner party.

It’s so interesting that human beings are the only ones of God’s creation that wear clothes. Clothes do more than just cover us from the elements: keeping us protected from the sun, warm in winter and dry in the rain. Clothes are a way that we reveal our creativity and individuality. Dress with dignity and take pride in your appearance! You are special and of great worth! ❤ carmen