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NEW WRESTLER & NEW VIDEO! Sara Steamroller & her MASSIVE MUSCULAR legs are ready to do some damage on the CW mats! For her debut match, we’ve pitted her against longtime CW veteran and fan favorite, Britney Squeeze, in a THRILLING matchup, which can be referred to as a “Battle of the Calves”. Head over to the Sara Steamroller vs. Britney Squeeze Match Page now and pick up this OUTSTANDING new video! See the description below….

Description: SUPER POWERFUL LEGS – NEW Wrestler Sara Steamroller! The ultimate “Calves Battle” – in one corner we’ve got long time CW Veteran, Britney Squeeze, with her ENORMOUS quads and calves that have faced (and often defeated) some of the most powerful CW wrestlers in history. In the OTHER corner, newcomer Sara Steamroller and her absolutely chiseled ripped quads, and world class calves.

This one is intense right from the get go, and OMG, the body on Miss Steamroller is just unreal. Big Britney controls the early going, as her experienced skills and massive powermashers keep Steamroller at bay. But then, Sara kicks things up a notch and clearly takes a lot out of Britney with several powerful scissor submissions. Sara’s most painful hold, a reverse headscissor, clearly rattles Britney, as well as her standing calf scissors… digging those rock hard calves right into Britney’s throat. Britney roars back and uses her trademark rib crushers to put young Steamroller in her place. This match just keeps getting better and better as it goes on. And the end will leave you breathless! You’ll definitely love new wrestler Sara Steamroller and that fabulous set of legs and glutes. Get this one today!

NEW WRESTLER & NEW VIDEO! Ultra-muscular Yo Fine is our newest wrestler. Check out her brand new video against the powerful 10 year veteran, Britney Squeeze, and see that you’re in for one hell of a treat! Head over to the Yo Fine vs. Britney Squeeze Match Page and get this sizzler today! See the match description below, and then check out the free preview on the match page, and then purchase and enjoy this instant classic!

Description: The DEBUT of NEW WRESTLER Yo Fine! One of the more rock hard muscular ladies we’ve had in a long time, Yo is determined to become a dominant force at CrushWrestling. However… standing in her way, is 10 year CrushWrestling veteran, the powerful Britney Squeeze! Britney comments at times during this video, how impressive Yo’s abs, vascularity, and powerful muscles look. Even though Britney outweighs Yo and has a significant height advantage, Yo possesses power of an all-new level. Her huge muscles look like they are about to explode as she battles Britney on the familiar blue mats of CW. By far, her most devastating hold is her killer reverse headscissors… engaging those rock hard thighs, hamstrings and glutes, to bring painful tapouts from Britney. However, Britney is also known for having some of the most powerful scissors around… and at times, Yo is completely overwhelmed by Britney’s sheer size and strength. Just check out the preview… you’ll see… this one is one you don’t want to miss… 2 of the hottest muscle women on earth getting aggressive and intense on the mats – get it today!