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Using good feng shui principles in your office or workspace, whether at home or at work, can greatly enhance your business success. Although there are plenty of tips for arranging furniture and decorating accessories in the office, most people spend the majority of their time at work staring directly at a computer screen. Therefore, it is a good idea to also apply good feng shui techniques to your computer, as well as to your desk and office surroundings.

Although computers are almost always placed directly on the office desk, with a little thought and care you can optimize the position. Never place the computer screen in a way that will block your view of the door or entranceway to your office. Allow as much space between you and the monitor as possible, to minimize the effect of the field of electricity.

You should also position the monitor so that it doesn’t receive glare from open windows.

Clutter is always the enemy of good feng shui. All too often computers become disorganized and cluttered with unneeded files, making it difficult and stressful to work. Although "computer clutter" doesn’t take up much visible space, the stress of not being able to find things when you need them can be quite uncomfortable and unproductive. Take a bit of time to organize your files, deleting what you don’t need. Once you have completed this task, empty the computer’s "recycle bin" to rid your computer of clutter once and for all. While you’re at it, make sure your computer virus protection is up-to-date to avoid unwanted and potentially dangerous files from entering your computer.

Since you have to look at your computer all day, why not make it visually appealing? Your desktop pattern should be chosen carefully. Nature scenes can be quite relaxing, especially if your job requires you to work with people. If you have a dynamic job that requires a lot of high-powered energy, a bright colored desktop pattern could be the best choice. Photos of your family or pets can also make a pleasant desktop pattern. If you work in communication, try using water images on your desktop. Money-related jobs can benefit from desktop designs that highlight growth, such as trees or other kinds of plants. Color is another important consideration when choosing a desktop pattern or screen saver. Bright colors such as pink can enhance your ability to communicate with others, while earthy colors such as brown and tan can promote trust. Bright colors can be useful when you are on a creative project or are embarking on something new, while darker colors can help enhance your self-confidence. Pastel shades as well as black and white can help to promote your intellectual pursuits.

When applying feng shui principles to your computer screen, you can consider the top left corner to represent Prosperity. If you are working on an important project, place the folder icon in this corner to encourage success. Personal files are best located in a folder in the top right corner of the screen, since this area encourages relationships. The lower left corner of the desktop represents wisdom. Placing any problematic project files here can help ensure success. Keep your desktop icons neat and tidy and never just save everything to the desktop, as this kind of clutter creates negative energy and stress.