First Day! Yay Lo Without Limits

This new desk is also much smaller, has high walls in-between, and no drawers! It’s definitely not the bright space I had before where talking to the team was easy and natural light filled the floor. This building is also a bit different. It’s located in a strange area and there isn’t anywhere to really walk to or space to sit and enjoy lunch away from the desk. Since I’m now salary, I am going to make it an effort to take and enjoy my hour lunch (like right now) instead of work through it and make overtime. The commute is also about 25-30 minutes, not bad but having moved to be 10-15 minutes away from work, I was a bit spoiled.

I got back, ate some dairy-free and gluten-free cookies I made Sunday night, and then finally made myself a sandwich!

On Sunday, I was also having an issue with my toilet and that main issue was fixed in the morning only to come home to a different toilet issue. This was pretty annoying and didn’t add to my “hanger” (past-tense of “hangry”) but hopefully when I get home today it’s all fixed! I took some time to make a new maintenance request, ate my sandwich and packed today’s lunch, and just kinda… sat there.

It felt too late to go to the gym but then trying to think of my workout schedule if I skipped stressed me out, I also needed to Swiffer and do laundry but it felt too late for that. Finally, around 8:30pm, my friend Sarah texted me about my first day. I kinda had to brain dump to her about my current situation and she told me to go to the gym to de-stress and I’ll be happy I went.

I ended up going to the gym from 9-10pm and started Strength Feed! And of course, Sarah was right, I felt amazing after. This morning, I smashed out day 2 of Strength Feed before work and today when I get home I can relax and do those chores. I definitely want to try to make it to the gym before work more often but now that I’m starting the 4-day program, I feel a bit more relaxed about it.

Finally finished editing and uploaded my LAST summer vacation video before work this morning! It’s a whole week late but better late than never. At the time, I thought I had tons of amazing footage from those six days in London just like I did with Barcelona and Paris… boy was I wrong. When editing the other two, my stringout of videos would be OVER an hour and then edited down to just a few minutes. London on the other hand, was about 20 minutes of total footage. I was pretty shocked but given our rough first 24-hours in London and us having more free time than planned events and tours, I just had my camera off to the side for most of it. Instead, I was enjoying my time in a city I love so so much and showing it off to my mom and sister! I did take tons of photos but you can hit the #LinkInBio to see a little slice of London in under two minutes. Plus, I still do have my four days in London video posted on my page from LAST summer if you want to see a bit more! Finishing up my travel videos from this summer reminds me that it’s done but I’m excited for my next adventure whenever and wherever that may be with videos to go along with them (maybe some local adventures while work has me pretty locked to LA right now). I’ll also be working on other fitness and lifestyle videos for my channel too… ENJOY! 🌎

This morning I got into the gym before work and started week 5 of #StrengthFeed! I didn’t head out of my apartment until a bit later than I wanted to, so I went to the closer LA Fitness for today’s leg day. I usually go to one that’s just a few minuted further because they have round plates which are great for deadlifts instead of the octagon ones but that gym is always more full (since it’s better) and I didn’t want to risk wasting time driving and having to wait for people. This gym I usually just go to for upper body since they have all of the dumbbells I need but today was a struggle. I did my bask squats and deadlifts (without the round plates, but whatever) but the leg press machine for single leg presses wasn’t super amazing since the seat is pretty uncomfortable, the seated calf raise machine didn’t work at all (the top part wouldn’t stay down so I couldn’t use it), and the bar for hanging leg raises didn’t have a grip on it so my hands kept slipping. Not my best day at the gym, but I got it done and still made it work. For future leg days, I will be sure to get up and out of my apartment earlier so I can go to the better LA Fitness and have not just a good workout, but a great one! Swipe for 2 of my back squat sets, 2 of my deadlift sets, and a lot of unnecessary man grunting 🌿

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Switching up my salad! I love cook books and always look at them for inspiration but when it comes to actually making the food in them, I never do. Since I don’t want to spend time or grocery money on making food that I may hate, I always end up sticking to my same few lunches week after week. Since starting work again, I’ve only been having my falafel salad bowls or Frank’s chicken salad bowls and this week I wanted a change. Yesterday, I took a peek into #KitchenIntuition by Devyn Sisson and saw the Veggie Salad. It consisted of different roasted veggies on mixed greens (two things I do for my other lunches anyway) with half an avocado and a home-made salad dressing. This recipe was super easy to meal prefer yesterday and is SO good! I also threw on 4oz. of chicken (with a little bit of #Nandos #PeriPeri seasoning) to get some extra protein in. BTW gram-for-gram, protein is more filling than carbs or (healthy) fats! I also just use extra virgin olive oil for a lot of my salads so mixing up something new was fun and I could finally use this little dressing container from The Container Store. Salads don’t have to be boring and are also the easiest things to make and meal prep for 🌿

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