First time jeep owner, have some questions. forum cost of gas in northern ireland

I have added to the collection a 1995 jeep cherokee country. I’ve pretty much always had fords, spare an old voyager that I got for free, but that’s another story. I currently drive a ranger. Costco gas station hours tracy ca I like the rangers, I’ve always had one. Well anyways, the girlfriends car has been having a bunch of issues and I’ve decided that it’s time for it to go away. She found this jeep, so I went to check it out.

Handful of stuff wrong with it, one of the rear shock’s lower mounting stud is broke off, needs a brake caliper, the temp gauge doesn’t work, floor pan is rotted through. Oil pressure starts dropping off at idle once it gets nice and hot. I’m sure there are other things that I’ve either forgotten to mention, or haven’t found out about yet.

Honestly, the thing starts right up and runs pretty good considering that the guy I got it from said he never did a tune up in the 4 years he had it. Calculate gas cost to drive canada drives great, shifts good, and has plenty of power. Steering is nice and tight. I had looked at another one of a similar year and mileage, and I’m honestly blown away how nice these run and drive for the year and mileage.

Now it’s in my driveway and I’m planning on doing a handful of things this weekend, fresh oil and filter, grease job, see how the brakes are doing, air filter, plugs, wires, cap, rotor, check the PCV valve, change the fuel filter, and I was planning on draining and refilling the transfer case, checking the fluid in the diffs, and flushing the cooling system. At least those are the things on my to do list. Average petrol cost per mile 2012 obviously I also plan to put a replacement stud in that rear shock mount, and I bought a coolant temp sensor that I’m hoping will bring my temp gauge back.

I know I haven’t posted in a while. We’ve been swamped at work so I wasn’t able to get started on the jeep as quickly as I would’ve liked. Gas cost calculator ontario obviously I did get some pictures up. The 50 foot paint job definitely isn’t too pretty, and I haven’t decided exactly how much bondo is hidden under there yet. The underneath really isn’t bad at all for a ’95. But I did finally get to my list, and have some questions.

The sticker on the windshield indicated that they had put 5W-20 in it. I went ahead and put 10W-40 mobil 1 in there, seems to like it. Fuel filter looked real old, and was probably long overdue for replacement. Average cost of gas 2014 plugs and wires did not go entirely according to plan. I took out some bosch plugs that were all at around .070, and looked pretty old. One of the plugs up front is very stubborn. Calculate petrol cost per km ireland it’ll spin out a few turns and then it just binds up. I’ve put about as much pressure on it as I’m willing to. I don’t really feel like snapping it off. Anybody have any ideas?

What driver fits the block drain plug? The coolant that I drained out of the radiator was pretty rusty, and upon closer inspection, the radiator doesn’t look to be in that great of shape. I see a fair amount of damaged/deteriorated fins. May have to be replaced at some point. I really need to get the coolant temperature gauge fixed. Coolant temp sensor did NOT bring my gauge back. Costco gas station hours sunday what else might be wrong? I would really like to have that gauge working so I know if it’s getting hot so I can get that radiator replaced if I need to. Can I put an aftermarket one in? What tells the electric cooling fan when to kick on and off? I’ve never had an electric cooling fan before.