First wave of customers thrilled with the new iridesse press – digital printing hot spot

As expected, much early feedback on the new Xerox® Iridesse TM Production Press focuses on its breakthrough technology for digital embellishments. It’s the first and only xerographic digital press that can print metallic gold or silver dry ink, CMYK and clear dry ink in a single pass, at rated press speed, with spot-on registration, enabling an entirely new palate of iridescent specialty effects.

It did. The team ran more than a million impressions of its bread-and-butter applications, such as books, manuals, flyers, postcards and business cards, convincing Miller to acquire the press—and begin tapping the additional revenue opportunities available with its digital embellishments. Next-Level Image Quality Sales Director Glen Robins, Instant Press West One

“I’ve been in printing for 30 years, and I haven’t seen a digital machine produce the kind of results we’re getting on Iridesse,” he said. “We put every stock we could find through it—colored, black, uncoated, rustic, gloss, 400 gram bamboo—everything. The ink coverage is just fantastic, and the print quality is as close as it’s going to get to litho.”

The advanced IQ is achieved with a new low-gloss, small-particle HD EA toner formulation and High Definition (HD) Resolution, which delivers four times more addressable shades than competitive presses. Robins is so impressed by the image quality that a bigger percentage of IPW1’s print work—currently split 50-50 between digital and offset—will now be fulfilled on digital presses. “Iridesse has tipped the scale,” he said. Precise Registration Dennis Beck, owner, Minuteman Press North Palm Beach

“I must tell you that the registration of this machine is incredible,” said Dennis Beck, owner, Minuteman Press North Palm Beach, describing the job. “On the return the press hit the type dead-on…accurate. Amazing is the only word to describe the performance. Frankly, if you ran a double on a ManRoland or Heidi you would need 10 to 20 sheets to achieve register on the second pass. This press did it on the first sheet. Unless you see this no one would be believe you.”

And the press’s gold metallic capability is having an impact as well. A job to print a yacht club menu in gold and blue had been ordered, then cancelled due to budget concerns. When the Iridesse became operational, Beck called the club back. “I explained that the gold would be printed in real metallic and would have foil-like look,” he said. “We ran a sample up to them, and they changed their mind and ordered the job. “Whole New Sphere of Business”

IPW1, on the other hand, has long provided metallic foil stamping for certificates, invitations and other applications, but Iridesse provides its first digital metallic printing capability. “Foil will always be there, just as litho will always be there,” Robins said. “But now we can offer metallics to clients who need a less expensive alternative or a faster turnaround or personalization.” And he sees specialty inks—metallic, clear and various mixes with CMYK—as “a whole new sphere of business.”