Foam panels -foam panels

also provides continuous thermal insulation over the entire wall. Developed in Germany in 1973, these systems have been extensively used throughout Western Europe and North America where strict environmental laws are in place governing the energy efficiency of both private and commercial buildings. The system is now well established in Australia ranging from dry arid areas, to tropical and alpine regions, whilst proving energy efficiency, cost effective and flexible construction alternative. The NRG Company is providing and increasing research and development of the system to improve the product.

• An enhanced expanded polystyrene (EPS) insulation board impregnated with an insect repellent compound and flame retardant. The board is mechanically fixed to timber/steel stud framing or reinforced concrete or masonry wall.

The surface of the Greenboard panel is grooved both sides allowing the inside surface to breath and channel any possible condensation away through the grooves, downwards to the base of the wall. This is particularly important where ‘insulation’ or ‘breather sarking’ is used. The additional advantage being that the grooved ‘face’ surface of the Greenboard panel provides an excellent ‘key’ to accept the reinforced render system.

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Installation Procedure This manual provides information on the correct procedures and materials to be used for the installation of NRG Greenboard Walling System over standard framed and solid structures. The drawings and details are provided to assist building designers in specifying the correct design and detail of the NRG Walling System. These details cover most common applications. If the details are to be altered or new ones proposed please contact NRG to discuss the changes. Failure to do so may void the systems warranty.

When ‘over-cladding’ existing timber buildings, inspection should be carried out by a fully qualified person, to identify any deterioration or infestation by wood boring insects. Although NRG Greenboard is impregnated with an effective insect repellent, it will not arrest or prevent further infestations of the timber framing structure. Where necessary, repairs must be undertaken to ensure that the timber substrate is sound, straight and true.

i. By fixing an ‘off cut’ of stud material vertical, (widest face facing outwards) and securely nailing to bottom plate and noggin. Alternatively, between noggin and top plate, making sure to glue both Greenboard sheet edges with Bostik No-More Nails and fixing through each sheet into the ‘black block’ with washers and screws at maximum 300mm centre’s.

ii. Alternatively, horizontal ‘back block’ using ‘off cuts’ can be placed at maximum 300mm centre’s, following the above procedure except that, with the two sheets in place, take ‘off cuts’, smear with Bostik No-More Nails over one face, place ‘off cuts’ against the Green board sheets and screw through face of Greenboard into ‘off cuts’, pulling both sheets into alignment.

All flashing to wall openings, roof sections and parapets etc. to be installed prior to the fixing of NRG Greenboard Walling System (and is always capped off at the bottom edge of the Greenboard sheet using a Starter Bead in accordance with good building practice and together with any requirements of the BCA. NRG Building Systems take no responsibility or liability for flashing or installations.

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