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To say that POS co. Won might be correct, but the victory is like winning a lawsuit when sued. Yes, one may have won a defended lawsuit, after thousands of dollars paid out to attorneys, but in the case of POS it is millions. Then to add countless hours of preparation, angst, and suspense. Tons of wasted time and effort, but alas the lawsuit is won. But what did the victor really win? What prize or remuneration or object does the winner in defending a lawsuit win? The winner of a lawsuit, when sued, really wins nothing, actually he/she loses, but supposedly comes out victorious.

That is what has happened in nicaragua. POS et.Al have won, but what have the won and at what cost? Things are bad in nicaragua, and a large percentage of the money generators are on the sidelines somewhere else.

What POS won was having the nicaragua go back to a modern hacienda economy with a stark and huge reliance on low wage exports and nefarious internal deals.

To be clear about the church’s role in this deal, it was SOME of the church and not all of the church that was in bed with POS. Average price of gas in united states today there are sordid and almost too incredible tales/rumors of the manner that POS compromised the obando character and along the way roberto rivas. That level of machiavellian intrigue and blackmail just is not sustainable long term and like with the drug cartels, what ends up fucking them in the end is that they get too big because they only way that they can keep on keeping on is to regenerate members and associates. Until, ultimately the whole deal gets too big and too top heavy and fragments apart. That is what will happen, and actually what we have been seeing, in nicaragua. The FSLN and POS co. Produce no wealth, the membership is bought and paid for, histrionics, fear mongering, and class war fostering are their watchwords. It is not sustainable. How much gas to drive to orlando florida in these non-interventionist PC times the sitting US president could give a rat’s ass what all some communist pedophile is doing as long as he does it a long way from the border and the russkies and chinamen are not putting in bases (and they are not and they won’t because even they recognize the deal is not sustainable in today’s world, and that the country is a political basket case that the US could squash with the louisiana and mississippi national guard on 2 week summer duty).

What POS/FSLN has won is the ire of a region and most of the populace of the nation they supposedly represent. Just remember this oft over looked historical fact, there has never been lasting revolution when immigration of the affected population was easy and possible. The nica’s are GTFO and not a lot of their money is either staying there nor going there.

Much of my working life was in the realm of cutbacks, mergers, downsizing, re-engineering, and PC foot shooting. That’s the way nic feels right now, but that does not mean it is not sustainable! General motors is alive and well.Well said and very true. Gas per kwh uk one note on using GM as a comparison, the name should be government motors, from both the cash in bailout to huge buying of GM cars/trucks for government work (just like chrysler in the 80’s mind you) GM would not exist without a deep pocketed tax base with good credit so far giving it a huge loan and then buying a shit ton of their products at a high price. Basically the ol’ paying themselves with their own money deal. I think a better comparison might be the SAMBO’s restaurant chain. They are all basically gone, done in by what I remember as the first PC campaign when they could ill afford it. There are like 2 or 3 left I think, but they carry one a true sliver of what they once were. Or paula deen, sticking her foot in her mouth. She is around still, but nowhere near what she was and or might have grown to. POS/nicaragua/FSLN does not have a sugar daddy to bail their ass out, at least not on the horizon right now.

That is what is happening to nicaragua IMO. Gas cost calculator for road trip POS co. Think all will eventually be forgotten and things will move on. They are living in the 80’s, waiting for a sugar daddy bailout and thinking that youtube and twitter and such will expire. Too many dead and too many old beefs taken out on the opposition for that to happen, that is my opinion.

My honest belief is that actually POS is no longer even close to driving this ship, he is crazy and dumb like a fox. I think the latency in the countermeasures against the protest was him getting ready to give up the ghost and that he was rallied and pushed by those around him. Cost of gallon of gas 2015 what I do believe is that he does not have the internal power he once had and it is the collective of his minions driving this deal and getting what they can while the getting is good, because internally they know what is afoot is not sustainable long term. This is set up nicely for those 2nd and 3rd tier supporters, as publicly it is gonna be the upper tier that is sanctioned and takes the shit pie to the face at some point. Those below can slither and creep away and save some face and persona.