Grand jury report details how harrisburg bishops enabled child sex abusers news

The report adds: "The evidence also revealed that Diocesan administrators, including bishops, had knowledge of this conduct and that priests were regularly placed in ministry after the Diocese was on notice that a complaint of child sexual abuse had been made. The Diocese’s actions enabled the offenders and endangered the welfare of children."

"In 1981, Bishop Joseph Daley documented a report against Father Thomas Kujovsky. Two women reported to Father Coakley that a person found magazines that contained photographs of former altar boys in the nude. The items were found by Kujovsky’s bed in the rectory. Bishop Daley discussed the nude photographs with Kujovsky. Daley noted Kujovsky expressed ‘utter surprise and absolute disbelief concerning them.’ He denied ‘absolutely that he had any sexual aberrations.’ Bishop Daley noted he did not reveal the source of the information and accepted Kujovsky’s word.

The Diocese identified one of the boys that was photographed naked. However, there was no record in the file that the child was ever interviewed, nor was there any police involvement. Kujovsky stayed in ministry."

"Bishop Joseph Daley was notified and advised Logue to contact his spiritual director, consult a psychiatrist, and resign from his orders," the grand jury report states. "Logue agreed to contact his spiritual director and consult a psychiatrist, but Logue decided to request a leave of absence instead of resigning from his orders." William H. Keeler: 1983-1989

"Helwig wrote that he interviewed Giella on July 30, 1992. Among other admissions, Giella stated that he began having contact with the girl in the bath and that ‘as time went on they became more comfortable with each other the embraces became more intense and involved some fondling on his part.’ Giella also confessed that he took pictures of the girl."

The family reported the alleged abuse to police in Pennsylvania and New Jersey, the report states. The report states that upon serving a search warrant at Giella’s residence in New Jersey, police confiscated "young girl’s panties; plastic containers containing pubic hairs identified by initials; twelve vials of urine; soiled panties; sex books; feminine sanitary products (used); numerous photographs of girls in sexually explicit positions; and some photos depicting children in the act of urination," the report states.

"On October 27, 1992, Dattilo wrote the family, and stated in part, ‘I share your shock, anger and hurt, and pledge full cooperation by the diocese in this unfortunate situation.’ However, while Dattilo promised full cooperation, the diocesan lawyers continued to litigate and attempted to negotiate the family down from their approximately $900,000.00 demand to $225,000.00."

"Initially, this report came to the attention of the diocese in June of 1995. Following the diocesan policy in force at that time, Father Pease was confronted immediately with the allegation. Because of serious discrepancies in the accounts, and in the absence of an admission of guilt, Father Pease was asked to undergo a professional assessment. The results of that evaluation, which included medical, spiritual and psychiatric examinations, provided insufficient basis to resolve the discrepancies and to determine guilt."