Haze Square Vaporizer Review – Four Bowls! – The Vape Critic

It’s pretty cool to open. It’s got this little knob, latch thing in the back which you push, and then you turn the unit until the pieces come apart. You got the business inside the vape here. (see video) This is the heating element or coil. It heats up in there and heats up the air you pull, the hot air, through one of these stainless steel chambers, the little tiny holes in the bottom.

What you can also do with the pad (like some other vapes), if you don’t want to load a full chamber of 0.2g, let’s say you just want to put in 0.1g, you can do that. Just spread it evenly across the bottom, and then just lay this pad on top as like a spacer, or something that’s going to keep your herb even along the bottom so that the heat gets it evenly.

The blue light is going to blink while the coil is heating up inside. Then once it’s heated up enough and it’s ready for you to start drawing, the lights turn green and the vape vibrates to let you know. So you start to draw about 10 to 15 seconds and repeat, but you stop the heat after each draw. Vapor production is going to be good, sometimes you know depending on how you pack it and what strain is in there and stuff, you’ll get more vapor like on the first draw or sometimes you’ll have to just bump it up 10 degrees to get all the vapor out of it. So just play around with the settings and you your draw speed, but it’s actually a pretty easy vape to get vapor from.

It recharges very quickly, 45 minutes or less. 45 minutes if it’s completely dead, less if it’s not, so very fast charging. Now as far as how long it lasts, as I said before, I use it pretty much exclusively, or at least through my testing I used it all on high heat settings, in the 400’s, that’s high, that uses a lot of power from the vape.

The cleaning and maintenance isn’t too bad if you brush out the chambers and keep the stainless bowls pretty clean (which isn’t hard). You can clean them with ISO so they come out easily. Then you clean the top part with the screens which are on top, which is the part that’s going to get the dirtiest. So this is all pretty easily cleanable with some ISO, although I’m using an ISO wipe that has like a rough side on one side, and smooth on the other. So with the combination of the wipe and the q-tip thing to get in little creases you’re able to keep that part pretty good looking for a while.

I think that that’s pretty much the important stuff you need to know about this one. The general summary is that it’s a very good vape for the price, and I rate it above average in pretty much every area. The most unique thing about it being the four chambers, which is pretty cool if you’re taking this out and about to have four chambers preloaded. That’s cool, but the fact that it also performs really well, and it’s not just a gimmick, that’s why it’s good, that’s why I like it. It’s got that performance to back it up. So if you have questions about it or comments, hit me up on the forum. I really appreciate you watchin as always, and Stay up!

I have owned a Haze 3 for sometime and like the unit and I disagree the chambers are too small – they hold about the same as Pax and Crafty that I also own and use. My biggest problem started when I tried to get mine serviced. I sent the unit back for cleaning and repairs and waited. The unit was received and nothing happened. When I inquired, Haze told me: “We should be able to ship this out late this week or Monday the latest.” That was on March 6th (the unit was sent back on February 13th). On March 20th they offered to exchange the Haze 3 for the Square when it came out, but I’d still have to wait. Again. Early this month (April, now the 14th), someone from Haze called to apologize for the delay and once again blamed everything on their supplier. I’m still l waiting as I write this.

I would suggest Haze get someone else to build their units; this problem with suppliers gives me pause and I will no longer recommend Haze products. Even with a 10 year warranty, what good is a warranty if it can’t be honored. I’ve had to send back a Crafty three times (not reliable at all) and my Pax, once and all those returns were handled quickly and efficiently and I never waited more than a week for any of them.