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After work yesterday I went and had drinks with some old colleagues of mine. Then I got a call from a friend whose neighbor wants to build a staircase off the side of their property… that will spill the people coming down the staircase onto their property. They wanted to start construction TODAY (keep in mind he got the "courtesy message" yesterday afternoon. I went over and looked at the way the sidewalks are done and how the garages are build and I can’t see how it can be done legally because there’s no second means of egress out of the gangway in the event of a fire based on the current construction. I was like… Um… NO. So we’re meeting the "architect" there on Saturday at noon to "discuss." That should be interesting…

TR came down later and we went to bed. At least we slept in a little this morning. He’s got a court date downtown for work so we came and had breakfast at the restaurant in the lobby of my office building we got to sit outside on the river and it’s just a lovely day so that was really nice. Depending on when he gets done with court we may make a trip over to Indiana to deliver a boat motor to some guy he sold it to.

It’s been a busy week. I had 2 of my friends over Tuesday night for pizza and cards. Since Marty was in town this week he joined in on girl’s night. It was fun. We went through lots of wine that night. Yesterday was a local holiday so I got to take off 1/2 of the day at work. I went to Fort Collins to get the Porsche dealer to check my tires and reset the psi warning message I had. I stopped and had a burger then headed home. I beat a very heavy rain and hail storm home by about 15 minutes. They had some flooding in town and some areas had about 4 – 6 inches of hail piled up. We just had another heavy rain storm tonight so we keep getting flash food warnings. It’s our monsoon season.

i can see sunshine through the front door and streaks, streaks, streaks. My cleaning lady is a speed cleaner and she sure streaks my mirrors and windows. I should take a picture and send it to her – she swears she doesn’t have that problem. She cleans for a friend of mine and we decided she cleans like it’s Saturday morning and you have to get your chores done before you can go out and play. At least she shows up.

I had my annual eye exam today and they managed to get my prescription corrected to 20-20. I’ll see how that goes when I get my new lenses. The edema appears to be gone but the normal indent in the center of the retina certainly isn’t there. The scar tissue isn’t as spread out as last year which is probably because the edema went down. The eye doctor had an intern work with me and I personally felt she took way more time working with me to get the prescription that worked for me. Last year I completely bombed the color vision and depth perception. This year I got about 60% right on the color vision and could see 3 out of 9 on the depth perception. I have small cataracts but they’ve been there for years and not big enough to worry about for the foreseeable future. The bad news was my blood pressure was really high today. Too much sugar and not enough sleep lately on top of a tendency to have high blood pressure anyway. I am going to clean up my act. My vision improved so I may as well work on my health as well. Marty may even get me to go try some old weak lady lifting. I left my glasses and sunglasses with them to get new the new lenses. My glasses from 2016 from before the left eye went so wacky actually are working great. Progress.

Yesterday was awesome! Sister #2 had to go into the city for some work stuff so I was able to do a last minute meet up with Missy! She’s just the most fabulous person, and I got to spend a minute with Greg too and see the gorgeous Bea. We went to Eatily in the oculus and had lunch and spent some time just chatting away. After that #2 and I drove up to her new house in Connecticut where we’re spending the rest of the weekend.

For a housewarming gift I got her an 8 foot wide rubber duck for the pool. I wasn’t sure how I was going to sneak it in there (not exactly the most inconspicuous thing) but it worked out PERFECTLY this morning! I came downstairs just as she was leaving for the gym so as soon as she was out of the driveway I grabbed it and started inflating it. I had to go out on the deck for the last big piece or else it wouldn’t have fit through the door, ha ha. She’s going to be verrrrry surprised when she gets home! Poor furry Otis however is not impressed… and frankly kind terrified of the thing!

I was all thumbs trying to cook myself breakfast today. I tried the frying bacon method I saw online; to prevent splatter you fry it in water. It was gross and messy. Then I knocked my entire egg off on the floor which smashed it all over the place. Then I poured my bacon grease in Marty’s little grease collecting tin pan and made a mess dumping a paper towel in there with it. I told Marty I should just set down and have him make my breakfast or eat cereal.

Working on round 2 of laundry today. I might run to Bed, Bath and Beyond. I want a blue tablecloth. I ordered some new cotton sheets yesterday. I only have one set of summer sheets and one set of winter sheets so when I was putting the sheets back on yesterday after washing them the top flat sheet started to tear across the top. I tore it off completely and put the torn edge to the bottom of the bed. That’ll work until new sheets show up. I used to have multiple sets at our old house but I since i wash sheets before i put them away then wash them before putting them back on the bed I decided why have multiple sets? Crazy, I know. We used to get spiders in the linens at my parents cabin so I guess that is where it comes from to always wash sheets and blankets before you put them on a bed. Enough about my OCD.

Yesterday #2 and I went and met some friends at a big flea market. She bought a big mirror for over the living room mantle and a few other things, and I got two sets of two different yellow depression glass wine glasses. They are a hard to find color so I was just thrilled, and the prices were bad at all. Of course I was a nervous wreck getting them home, but fortunately they had it OK!

TR picked me up at the airport. I had some packages waiting when I got home, including a bunch of bathing suits that I’d ordered that didn’t arrive in time to got to #2s. That’s ok; now I have them for next time. I did a little bit of general cleaning up and then we went to be early. I was also a bit out of it because I was stung by a wasp in the yard yesterday afternoon so I took two bendryl and when I determined the sting wasn’t going to kill me (I’ve had a severe swelling reaction before to bee stings, but not an anaphylactic one, although you never know) I had a glass of wine with lunch. Can you say "Nap on a plane"?!