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Amidst all the singing, Grande and Corden talked about a whole spectrum of subjects from Grande admitting to having really embarrassing birthday-themed parties as a child to somehow receiving a lot of pregnancy rumours about herself. However, the funniest rumour that she tried to dispel about herself was that she forces members of her team to carry her around from place to place. This rumour surfaced because Grande had previously posted a picture of her being carried by her tour manager when her toes were bleeding as a result of the point shoes she was wearing for a video shoot.

After jamming out to Side To Side, Corden complimented Grande for having one of the best ad-libs out there in the industry. Grande revealed that she learnt how to sing the way she does because she practised and listened to a lot of Whitney Houston, Mariah Carey, Celine Dion and Destiny’s Child.

However, she acknowledged that it took her quite some time before she managed to find her own unique sound that differentiated her from the rest of the musical divas.

On Day 1 (4 August), The Sam Willows, kicked off their 55-minute set on an All Time High. Before going into tracks from their newly released sophomore album, I Know, But Where. They definitely know where they are headed to with such great tunes, including Thirsty, Papa Money, Robot and many more. Unfortunately, Narelle had to miss out on the dance moves and perform seated due to a leg injury. But their backup dancers surely pulled off some awesome moves. On the other hand, Ben spotted a full sleeve henna tattoo on his right arm! The indie-pop group ended off their set with 2 oldies (but goodies) – For Love and Take Heart. These just never get old, don’t they?

Later that evening, Korea’s baddest female CL took the stage like a QUEEN! She commanded the crowd incredibly well track after track. The electrifying set coupled with her hip-hop hits and high-energy dancing definitely got everyone in the stadium on their feet. CL performed a couple of her biggest tracks including Lifted, Falling In Love and of course I Am The Best. Being her first solo performance here in Singapore, she gave us a treat by performing Ain’t No Better Feeling for the first time live. How lucky are we?! As she went on in her set, we think CL and her army of GZBs tore the Singapore Indoor Stadium’s roof off!

Day 2 (5 August) saw a larger crowd at the Singapore Indoor Stadium, all geared up to catch headliners Alessia Cara and Nick Jonas. (Ps: Huge congratulations to Team Malaysia for taking home the trophy.) Alessia Cara started off her debut performance in Singapore on a bad foot, as there were some technical issues with her microphone. However, she brushed off the mishap like a pro and came back on stronger than ever with a drum solo. We all know Alessia for her heartfelt songs and we could tell the crowd resonated with her songs extremely well. This was evident during her short speeches before Scars To Your Beautiful and Growing Pains – which speaks of one’s insecurities and the struggles of growing up respectively. With all the experiences she has had, she probably could write a book about adulting.

From one debut performance to another, Nick Jonas sauntered out on stage in his dashing pink bomber jacket (well, it is his first time performing solo in Singapore). We were treated to a short set consisting of his chart-topping singles like Levels, Chains, Close and Jealous. In between, Nick did take the chance to mingle with the crowd and belt out a couple of underrated tracks including Teacher and Under You. The crowd proved too hot to handle as he decided to go without his bomber jacket in the middle of the set. HOT DAMN!