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It’s a chilly evening in late november. Female lower back tattoos pictures A freight train shrieks past, the ear-splitting roar echoes through the tunnel of concrete piers under the east end of the morrison bridge. Bright lights high overhead stay on through the night, illuminating a changing community of people who shelter here. There is a roaming colony of rats. When it rains, a fast creek runs down ditches on either side of the rough-tiled pavement where sleeping bags are laid out for the night.

Amy has slept under the morrison bridge with her boyfriend and fellow street roots vendor sean sheffield for nearly three years. She transcends cultural assumptions of the homeless. Best guy tattoos tumblr she has never taken drugs or alcohol. She was recently appointed shift supervisor at her regular job at the portland airport starbucks.

She is open-hearted, cheerful and hardworking. Back of neck tattoos quotes she says she was worried at first about living under the bridge, “I thought I would freeze to death,” but now she is used to it and doesn’t feel the cold or the rain that sprays them “like spritz on a ship” when the wind blows. Every other week they look forward to taking her paycheck and staying in a motel for several nights.

Amy doesn’t feel safe without sean nearby. “I think it’s harder for women on the street,” she said. ”whenever sean has to sell (street roots) after dark, I don’t like it. I’m always looking behind me and 360 degrees around me. Awesome mens tattoos we all look out for each other, we walk by and say ‘hey, are you OK? Are you feeling threatened?’ I am a little suspicious when guys say that, but with a female, it feels good that we are looking out for each other.”

Portland police offer welcome protection, she said. On nov. 20, there were two homicides in a homeless camp on the west side of the morrison bridge. “there were those two shootings, but the police came to check on us,” she said. “I thought that was really cool of them to do that. Awesome guy tattoo ideas they woke us up and asked us how we were doing, they told us there were two homicides, and they did it twice during the night, they were sincerely concerned for our safety, they woke up the people behind us to make sure they were OK too.”

Barbra is an effective activist, serving on committees at sisters of the road and with the old town chinatown neighborhood association. She was recently chosen as an advisor to a team of OHSU doctors who are creating a syllabus to investigate and serve the homeless. She also volunteers for the metro trash initiative, brainstorming strategies to help people experiencing homelessness dispose of trash and recycling. Cool female back tattoos she lives with her boyfriend in a tent community of 12.

“I’ve always been with a man,” she said. “you have all these dangers, you have people who will kill you for your money, your backpack – even if they don’t know what’s in it. When you have a male partner, your chances of that are not as much. Maybe you have a dangerous boyfriend who will beat you and do bad things to you but they aren’t going to take your livelihood, they won’t take your wallet and your phone, so you make a decision; as long as I don’t do this, this won’t happen, as long as I don’t drink, this guy won’t beat me, so I’m safe through all these things. No one will beat me up or rape me or steal from me because I have someone there with me all the time.