How to get paid to test products at home for free

Top name brand companies look for consumers like us to test their new products and give our opinions before they introduce the new products into the market. Since the consumer feedback is so important they’re willing to pay for our time and opinions. Usually they hire a market research company to help them perform for this task, therefore in order to get paid to test and review new products as a consumer, you need to get connected to the market research companies by signing up their product testing research survey panels. How to Become a Paid Product Tester

Once you are a member of a survey/product testing panel, the panel will contact you by email about new product testing (and online surveys) opportunities. You will need to respond to the email by taking the qualifying survey/screener.

If you qualify for the product test, they will send the product (usually full size products) to your home with instructions.

2. The Panels gives you a period of time (usually from a couple of days to a couple of weeks, sometimes longer) to test the products. After the testing period is over, they will send you an online survey/questionnaire that you need to answer about the product you tested. The survey is very important to the company/manufacture because they need consumer feedback on the new product to make marketing and other business decisions.

Below is a list of the paid product testing/survey panels that have offered me, my husband or my kids opportunities to try out new products and give our reviews and opinions. Majority of them have paid us for our time, and ones haven’t are those have sent me invites but I haven’t yet qualify. Click the links to join the panels, make sure fill out your profile and confirm your membership.

Pinecone Research is the top product testing survey panel. Almost every survey is about a new product! I have tested mainly food item products for them. You must be at least 18 to join and they only allow one member per household. They pay cash via check or Paypal or amazon/store gift cards and they pay really fast! You need to fill out the “profile survey” which will be sent to you shortly after you fill out the sign up form, otherwise you will not be accepted into the panel. Read my detailed Pinecone Research review here.

I have had many products to test with them and they pay quite well. I got baby items (baby diapers, powder, creams etc.), household items, beauty items and food items from them. MySurvey was bought by Lightspeed Research a couple of years ago and Lightspeed Research is one of my favorite survey panels which I have tested many products for and got paid very well. Pay cash (via cash or paypal), amazon, iTunes and other store gift cards.

BzzAgent is a panel where members can sign up various “campaigns” to test name brand product samples and give opinions and feedback. I have heard lot of people get to try new products offered by BzzAgent. I have done a few “campaigns” and it was a great experience. Make sure you sign up with MyPoints because every time you review product at the end of a campaign you will earn points that can be deposited into your MyPoints account (you need to connect your Mypoints account with your BzzAgent account) and points in MyPoints account can be redeemed for cash or gift cards. I will write a detailed review for BzzAgent later. So far love BzzAgent!

If you are then selected as a Wear Test candidate, all you have to do is to wear prototype products, test these products based on comfort, durability, and performance and provide your feedback about the new products. To apply to be a tester, click the link at the top “Become a Tester”. They accept both Adult applications and Kids application.

2. If you are selected for a product testing, make sure to read and follow direction very carefully. Generally the instruction comes with the product sent to you (although sometime it was sent via email as well), and you can find detailed information about the product test including panel project manager’s name and contact information in case you have any questions.

3. You will notice that you will receive many survey invitation emails from the market research panels, some emails clearly indicate that the surveys/projects involve testing products – of course you want to response to those obvious ones first. For others surveys invites that don’t mention survey topics, based on my experience, sometimes those very short surveys could lead to product tests, and many times those product test screeners only offer sweepstakes as reward. Final Thoughts