How To Keep Mosquitoes Away • Expert Advice • Top Products Revealed (2018)

The Hennessy expedition camping hammock is referred to as “the ultimate, all-in-one hammock”. You don’t need to purchase any extra parts because it comes with everything you need for any environment.Included in the package are a rain fly, mosquito net, tree straps, guy lines, steel carabiners and a stuff sack for the hammock – however, it ain’t cheap.

I’ve never in my life been to a place as awe-inspiring gorgeous as the tundras of northern Alaska. I’ve also never been to a land where there were so many millions of hungry mosquitoes and my uncovered skin was the delicious dish of the day. After a few minutes in the wilds of Denali National Park, my 2002 Alaska adventure definitely had me pondering how to keep mosquitoes away and avoid bites when travelling.

It was the summer of 2002 and just planning this trip to the 49th state had not been simple as there was very little help from the internet as it is today. I had no idea that I needed to be so well prepared to defend my skin against the official state bird of Alaska; no not the glorious bald eagle but Aedes albopictus, that pesky insect that was constantly buzzing in my ears from the moment I departed the jet in Anchorage to three weeks later when I would head back to California via Fairbanks. I had no concept of how to avoid mosquito bites when I travelled to the land of the midnight sun in 2002, mainly because bloggers were a thing of the future and finding information on travels through Alaska back in the day was not an easy task.

The 2002 traveller had no idea that they should be prepared for swarms of mosquitoes in Alaska with natural mosquito repellent, mosquito repellent bracelets, insect shield bandanas and mosquito prevention clothing. Those are just a few of the items I wish I had packed when I was shopping for a new travel backpack and maybe a last-minute bottle of DEET.

Since that three-week trip backpacking across Alaska and slapping about 500 mosquitoes off of my face, arms and legs in 2002 I have done a lot of world travelling and I have fought off mosquitoes in crazy humid lands like Kerala, India and tropical and lush, Fitzroy Island Australia. The internet today makes it so much easier than when I was in my early twenties to be prepared for these buzzing insect bastards. If you are about to trek to a land where mosquitoes are prevalent, after you pick up your Malaria pills, invest in some of the top bug repellent clothing brands on the market, plus natural insect repellent, and maybe a few citronella candles for when you reach your destination, hotel or campsite.

In 2002 when we climbed off our six-hour flight from southern California to Anchorage, Alaska locals on the plane stared at us because we were “Dressed like Californians”. What that meant was that we were not wearing sweat pants, flannel shirts and hiking boots. We had no idea how to keep mosquitoes away or that it would come to be such a big deal, well pretty much as soon as we walked out of Ted Stevens Anchorage International Airport. Today, backpackers are lucky enough to have lots of information online and a range of mosquito repellent products, clothing and sprays to choose from – my advise; prepare properly!

Some people ask what are mosquitoes attracted to and I have heard that it could have to do with the foods you are eating and what your body smells like. We all may think we smell like a bouquet of roses while travelling but mosquitoes have a crazy sense of smell and are more attracted to certain smells than others. This is why some people get shredded by mosquitoe

s and others barely get bitten, even when camping in the middle of the jungle. One of my biggest tips on how to keep mosquitoes away is to start taking Vitamin B a few weeks before travelling to areas with high mosquito infestations. Taking Vitamin B for mosquito bites is one tip my doctor gave me before I travelled to India a few years ago and it did seem to make a difference to how itchy and annoying the bites were.

Make sure you are prepared with the correct mosquito repellent gear for your needs! I strongly recommend picking up some Craghoppers Nosilife clothing, mosquito repellant bracelets and natural mosquito repellant before you hit the road – if you travel with all three, you should be well placed to avoid mosquito bites and keep pesky mosquitoes away.