How to soundproof an antminer bitcoin mining machine – net worth revolution

If you were anything like me, I was pacing at the door waiting for my Antminer to arrive. Once the postal worker placed that beautiful brown box from Bitmain in my hands, I ran inside to hook it up. I was salivating at the idea of finally doing some Bitcoin mining. Within a few minutes of getting it setup, it was up to full hashing power. That’s when the wife looked at me and said turn that thing off! I was crushed. She was right, my new Antminer was way too loud. Especially with a newborn at home.

After some scanning of the Internet I found there were several expensive sound boxes available. Me being the Hillbilly Engineer I am, I gravitated towards the Do-It-Yourself style boxes. The one that I kept coming across was a thick walled cooler being used to help reduce the noise levels.

After building this box, I was able to get the decibel level down to around 70 dB which is bearable. According to Industrial Noise Control 70 dB is comparable to: Passenger car at 65 mph at 25 ft (77 dB); freeway at 50 ft from pavement edge 10 a.m. (76 dB). Living room music (76 dB); radio or TV-audio, vacuum cleaner (70 dB).

With the intake and exhaust holes outlined, we now need to drill the holes. **Tip: Have the drill in the forward direction until the mandrel punches through and the hole saw “bites”. Once it bites, stop and put the drill in reverse. Be prepared and brace yourself as the drill will want to snap as you drill through. I have found that going in reverse seems to lessen the chances of it snapping your arm off!

Once all four screw are removed, take one screw, slide it through the upper right hole of the fan shroud, then through the upper right hole of the fan, and turn the screw a couple of turns into the Antminer housing. You do not want to completely tighten the screw until all four are through the shroud and fan. Attach the remaining screws in the following order.

With our cooler having the holes needed and the shrouds on the Antminer, its time to get this bad boy hooked up! For the next step you will need the 4″ flexible ducting, 2 hose clamps, screwdriver, and a utility knife. Open the cooler and place your Antminer in the middle. Carefully feed the flexible ducting into the hole. You need to do a little finagling to get it in but we want a tight fit.

It is up to you where you run the ducting. Personally, I have the intake ran to another room for fresh air. I have the exhaust going out a window. Below I attached a picture of the exhaust going out the window. Just note that you will want to run the exhaust somewhere where the heat will be removed. This thing will heat up a room quickly if you do not.

As I mentioned above, I strongly suggest you route the exhaust to another room or outside. I am currently running two Antminers and pipe the exhaust out a window. I bought Mylar Blankets and covered the majority of the window. With the window partially opened, I used Styrofoam Insulation and ducting tape to seal the outside elements. Using a 4″ ducting union I cut a hole through the Styrofoam. I left the union in the Styrofoam and attached the exhaust fan with a clamp. The hot air flows outside and I no longer have temperature issues in that room. Once winter hits our area, I will add another hole towards the bottom and suck cold air in!

I hope you have enjoyed this guide and it has helped reduce the noise level of your Antminer(s). With these coolers, I cannot even tell I have these miners on when I am in a different room. More importantly, my wife cannot tell they are on!! Please check out the rest of our site for other awesome posts. Crypto Currencies and mining are just a small part of what this website is all about. Follow along with me and others as we build our Net Worth’s to Millionaire status through different business and investing ideas. This guide was/is one of those ideas 🙂 Check us out!