How to Transfer Money from PayPal to Skrill (MoneyBookers) Accounts Diana Marinova

The official statement of PayPal and Skrill is that direct transfer is not possible – read the post to see the details as of why. However, please note that there are some pretty good suggestions in the comments. I suggest you read through them for ideas. And if you use Payoneer, you definitely want to check out Chaniqua’s comment about how to withdraw money from PayPal through Payoneer… no need to transfer money to Skrill!

One of the most often asked question on my blog (in comments and via email) by fellow freelancers is how to transfer money from PayPal to Skrill (MoneyBookers) account. I don’t know why all these people thought it’s possible but… I decided to blog on the topic – just so I don’t get asked the same question over and over again any more 😀 I asked both companies if we can transfer money from PayPal to Skrill and from Skrill to PayPal

Fellow freelancers, please review PayPal withdrawal policy for your country as it varies – for my country I can withdraw money to my local bank via debit/credit card, or to any US bank. To your country it may be different. In any case, it is NOT possible to transfer money directly from your PayPal account to your Skrill account – as per PayPal’s customer support emails quoted above. Skrill also confirmed that it is NOT possible to transfer money from PayPal to Skrill accounts and vise verse.

We would like to kindly inform you that Skrill and PayPal are separate online payment service providers, whose systems are not directly connected, therefore, payments between them are not supported. There, you have it – transferring money from PayPal to Skrill (MoneyBookers) and from Skrill (MoneyBookers) to PayPal directly is NOT possible.

There are certain situations in which one may need to transfer funds from Paypal to Skrill. For example in my case, I am from Pakistan and Paypal does not operates in Pakistan. As some websites such as only withdraw money to Paypal so I signed up to a Paypal account when I was in Australia on a 6 months scholarship while completing my PhD. I verified it with my Australian temporary bank account but now I am in Pakistan and my Australian bank account is not active anymore. I have a verified Paypal and I can withdraw money from Guru to Paypal but can not withdraw that money to my Bank so I need to transfer my payments to Skrill from my Paypal account so that I may withdraw those earnings to my Pakistani Bank account. As of now I use a third party to transfer my funds to Skrill from Paypal. 🙂

I hope that now you understand the problem. Many people in Pakistan Bangladesh and other countries where Paypal does not operates, have Paypal accounts that are registered from other countries while they visit those countries but they can not withdraw funds from Paypal to their bank accounts and they are hesitant in telling that they have signed up for Paypal from another country so after reading NO in your post they just move on to another website without answering your questions. I hope that your confusion is resolved. 🙂

well i’m really sick and loosing patience with paypal…I’m from Croatia,europe and i just sold one thing to one guy who’s btw from USA, and when he tried to pay me with sending the money to my paypal account he wasn’t been able to do it.I do have verified paypal account but the bloody thing keep on saying when i click on REQUEST money that i have to set up my account.I said to myself oki doki,but when i click on this i got this message:To receive payments with PayPal, choose a Visa card issued in Croatia or a bank account in the U.S. to link to your PayPal account. You must withdraw payments from your available balance before you can spend it.

NOW i’m only able to link VISA card despite saying in this message that they do support other debt cards,since i don’t have VISA how the hell should i link anything to my paypal account,and the funniest fact about this is that verification process required from me to send them infos about my debt card which is btw,Mastercard and i already send them infos that i’m the real owner of the card and now they’re saying to me that i can actually only use VISA which i don’t have nor i’m planning to make it at all…And now i just found out that the US guy can’t actually send me the money from paypal to skrill which i have btw,guess i will have to say him to make skrill account afterall and paypal thinks they’re user friendly…No hard feelings but i think they’re user friendly only to they US customers 🙁

I am a freelancer too and I found Paypal not to my fancy after getting limitation from them unreasonably. I am upset and got the feeling they hold my money for 6 months for illegal purposes like taking away the interest from that money. When you are doing honestly to make a living and fulfilled their requirements, sending them all personal infos lincluding visa bank statement, photo of prepaid visa card (front side) and still got a No, when most of your customers pay through PP and you have to hold your invoice for it to get to a limit and you can get paid only via wire transfer now, you would understand how I feel.

I feel like sueing paypal or reporting it to some kind of agency even if I may not take back my money but dont know where to start. I am from Vietnam. The reason for limitation is because, from their explanation, my account got link to another limited account whose owner is my customer from Vietnam too. I haven’t got the money because that customer is limited when they made the unfinished money transfer order to my account.

So it is my fault for not being a spy that knows every darkest secret my customer is holding. I made a search on the net and the reasons got more funny like I have to pace my time between adding fund and withdrawing fund, not to log in to my account too many times a day, not to withdrawing too much within a day. I am sorry but it is people freedom to do these things.

So if I want money on my PayPal I just try to find someone who wants money on Skrill, and we do the transfer, I send him on Skrill and he sends me to PayPal, very easy and helpful, but you need to be extra careful because there are a lot of scam people that will use your need and never give you your money, please be careful when you do this.

I like PayPal and Skrill they are awesome, but the only think that I hate much about PayPal is that the fee is very large when you send money from one PayPal account to other PayPal account, the fee is extremely huge, if you send 2$ to other account, PayPal will take you 0.39$ as a fee which is very large. In Skrill that is very chceap, sending money from one Skrill to another Skrill is very very cheap, couple of cents.

That’s my experience with this two sites, if you are interested in some money transfer you can contact me, because I need money on Skrill, so if you are interested I will give you money on PayPal and you will give me money on Skrill. For every transfer I will give you a little bonus, because I really need that transfer, thanks, hope I helped a lot from you guys. Regards.