Hypnos zero pen review (linx vapor) – the vape critic

I normally don’t take the time to write reviews but after viewing some of these bad reviews I figured it was my duty to write this. I have been using the Linx Hypnos Zero since June and I must say, this vaporizer is truly in a league of its own. The ceramic plate atomizer produces flavors that are out of this world. I love the 4 variable temps too. They allow me to choose low temp mode for flavor and high temp for stronger hits. I think the best part of the Linx Hypnos Zero is the cleaning. I can soak the atomizer and filter section in alcohol and use a q-tip to get remaining wax out. As far as customer service, I actually contacted the Linx Vapor customer service department with a question about my battery. I got a response the same day.

In my experience, their customer service department has great follow up. I cant really speak to the issues mentioned in the review below, my experience was hassle free. My only complaint is that I wish this company would come out with a herb vaporizer. A quartz atomizer for Hypnos would be amazing too (If you guys are listening better get on that lol). My experience with these products and this company have been great so far and I hope they keep up the good work.

After 3 days of using the hyno zero, problems started to come up. Everytime I plug the fresh battery in, it doesn’t fire up. I keep playing around with it and realized that if I keep switching the heat setting, it will eventually fire up again. I emailed Linx immediately and they responded quickly and advised me to clean it throughly and it should solve the problem. I emailed Linx back and said it didn’t work and I suspected that it might be the battery and they agreed to send me a new battery in exchange for the old battery that I have so they can test out what’s wrong with it. I went out of my way and ship their battery back on my own expense and keep in mind this whole time I couldn’t smoke because their product was not functioning properly. I am sure all of you know how it feels when you wanna smoke but can’t. After trouble shooting it for a few days, Linx claimed that there was no problem and they advised me that it’s just dirty and clogged. 2 days after receiving the product, this vape again failed me with the same issue. I emailed Linx and they told me it has to be the cleaning problem. To prove them wrong, I decided to clean it and plug a new battery and shoot a few videos to show them that it’s for sure not the cleaning problem. However, after I sent them the videos, Linx immediately stop responding for 2 days. I demanded a refund because I do not want to deal with this shit anymore but Linx refused even when I showed them a cleaned atomizer not firing up. I will not spend a dime with Linx if I was you, unless you want to have a dispute with your bank because Linx refuses to give you a refund on their defective item. I have all of our emailed conversation as a prof and also videos of their product not working. Please be wiser than me and don’t waste your time and money.

Hey man, thanks for the great review and the great site. I only started vaping and using concentrates for the first time recently when I picked up a V2 Pro Series 7. The herb cartridge works very well, but the coil cartridge (solid concentrates) and wick cartridge (“liquid”) are not especially durable or functional. I think the liquid cartridge is really designed for a pretty thin e-juice… I filled it with some syringes of CO2 oil, and it works, but not too well. I think I will continue to use the Series 7 as a dry herb pen, but get another pen dedicated to concentrates, and ideally one that can handle both solid concentrates like shatter as well as CO2 oils, the latter of which are my favorite.

My question to you: have you tested this with CO2 oil, as well as more solid concentrates like shatter or crumble? The design seems amenable to dispensing a small amount of oil from a syringe onto the ceramic plate, and I imagine the lower temperature settings might work for these oils as well. Can you fill up the bowl with concentrate to just below the air holes, and will the design pool it all to the atomizer?