I miss writing. basic thoughts

I was on social media (Twitter and Facebook) a lot after my sweet Misha passed away. I was running and looking for a way to fill a huge hole in my heart. I never realized that I had so much of my life filled with this little boy. He was the reason I got up, and did things throughout the day. When you don’t have to get up to look at what he is barking at, or waiting at the back door to go outside (20 times a day) or the stare, that stare at me, while on the steps, letting me know it’s time for his cookie.

Before I proceed with whatever it is I want to share today, the current news is about Michael Cohen, Donald Trump’s personal attorney, indicating sources are saying Donald Trump was aware of the meeting with the Russians at Trump Tower during Trump’s campaign.

Everyday there is something, so let’s me just sneak this in during my thought for this day.

So, I order a new kitchen faucet from Home Depot the other day and it arrived on Wednesday. The faucet is so pretty, with the high arch and so shiny. Sadly this faucet has the hookup for a sprayer, of which, I do not need. Now I wasn’t sure what this extra tubing was for, and had to look it up, and sure enough, it was to add a sprayer. Now the faucet I ordered, did not have a sprayer, did NOT say anything at all about a sprayer, and the picture was just a single faucet, one hole, single handle. The problem I have is I need all the room I can get to thread through the hot and cold lines and this extra piece for hook up to a sprayer can’t be removed, and now I need to go back to Home Depot and get the right one. Why can’t the manufactures just be clearer.

For many, a trip to Home Depot is easy, but for me not so easy, as my health is poor, and walking distances just does me in. But, I will figure out how to get this back to Home Depot. I could ask my son to take me, but with his schedule, I would have to schedule a day for him to take me. That’s why I ended up ordering the faucet online, rather than in the store, because of scheduling.

North Korea released the remains of what is suppose to be soldiers from the Korean war. Right now, no one knows who they are and DNA testing will have to be done to determine their identity. For the sake of the United States of America, I do hope every remain returned belongs to an American citizen or a person fighting the war from America.

Donald Trump managed to say that people whose great grandfather, or grandfather fought in the war looking for them to be returned, rather than the way Donald Trump was saying parents of the soldiers from the war where looking for the return of their children. The media covered Trump’s statement in detail, and indicating that any parent of soldiers from the Korean War would be on the average of 114 years old.

Ordered some stuff from Walmart, and so far everything was good except the security camera. Now that has to go back as the camera does not record motion, it records images. I have a couple of these cameras, and this one is the pits. Walmart is great with refunds, however, this one was housed on Walmart’s site and purchased through Just Right and now I have to try and get a return label.

You would think this would be easy. Walmart contacts Just Right on my behalf, Just Right contacts me for my email address, I sent Just Right my email address and wait for an email. Next day, send a follow up email via Walmart rely asking for my return label, 10 hours later I get an email saying they sent an email with the attached return label. Quickly responded to Just Right, no email with return label. Now I wait again.