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• 2014 BMW i3rex – I took my car into the dealer after having trouble opening the charging flap on the car. I thought it was going to be a simple fix. I got a call from BMW that afternoon, that I had rodent infestation damage in my car and it was not going to be pretty. When I went down to BMW to look at the damage, there were wires eaten on every side of the car, in the front of the car, on the right and left sides of the car, and underneath the car. The insulation, which surrounds the brains of the car was eaten as well. I was told that part would cost an additional $2,000 to replace just in labor, plus an additonal $3,000 for replacing the entire rear harness as well as wires to the charging port on the right rear and a nest in the front of the car and things eaten there.

• 2016 FORD C max energi – within 30 days of purchase I had rodent damage and had to get it repaired. $626.00. List of gas prices by state it is now 1/4/17 and my car would not start and warning lights came on saying not to drive. It is on the way back to ford dealer for assessment. I think damage is much worse this time. Damage happened at 2 separate locations. (malibu, california)

These rodents are hitting the same place every time. The AC inverter has a coil of wires that come out of it and end in a clip to hook up to other wires. Gas cost driving calculator these rodents are chewing off the wires on the inverter side of the connection. By doing this it is not fixable and it can only be remedied by replacing the AC inverter for a fresh wire hookup. The inverter is fine but must be replaced anyway.

• 2013 HYUNDAI azera it started with mice getting the cabin air filter and then dying somewhere early on 2014. October 2015 they ate thru the electrical harness costing $2,846, november 2015 damage to coolant temp sensor $190, february 2016 ate thru the oxygen sensor for $250 and now they have eaten thru most of the electrical in the dash cost unknown at this time.(paige, texas)

• 2016 TOYOTA 4runner. – 12600 miles. I have had it about a month and put less than 1,000 miles on it. I parked it in my carport. Gas for road trip planner I went to get into the vehicle and leave for work. It would not run correct. Average cost of gas in us 2013 had it towed to the dealer. Apparently a rodent chewed the master wiring harness. Damaged it in 2 places. $3500-$5500 in repairs. I have two warranties on the vehicle through toyota and they will not fix

• 2005 TOYOTA 4runner the little buggers chewed through a coolant hose causing the engine to overheat and the head gasket failed. Cost to repair was $4668.14. Then I got it back, drove it home and parked it in the driveway and the rodents attacked again that same night and chewed the same hose. The next morning I drove it for 9.3 miles and the head gasket failed again. So in less than 24 hours the rodents cost almost another $5000 of damage plus an $89.79 tow. So the total damage was $9426.07. (redmond, washington)

• 2009 LEXUS LS 460 had considerable rodent-caused wiring damage after I was gone for three weeks vacation and left my car in my garage for that time. When I tried to start it on return from vacation it would not even turn over. Average gas and electricity costs 4 bed house I called AAA and they diagnosed the problem as rodent damage to the wiring. I had the car towed to the lexus dealership and they repaired the damaged wiring with a bill of almost $2,000. Luckily, my car insurance (USAA) covered the damage repair bill (less $250 deductible).(westminster, california)

• 2011 PORSCHE boxer – $22,000 damage caused ! Vehicle had to be towed into porsche centre for repairs and it took months before repairs were completed (parts had to come from germany). Rats ate through EVERY wire in wire harness, motor wires, coolant and petrol hoses, oil hoses which was surprising because I have read that rats don’t like petroleum. (menangle, NSW, australia)