Intrepid debt blog

I received a phone call from our electric company on Wednesday. They were informing me that mail sent to me was returned to them, stating wrong address. She asked if I knew what the capital credits was. I did not. Our electric company is a cooperative, non-profit, and if there are excess funds after expenses, they divide the amounts across member accounts. Basically a small refund. I had no idea. Anyway, I confirmed my two addresses – the rental, and current primary residence. Turns out they’ve been mailing my capital credit checks to an address from 2004!! Now this address is no where on my account nor my bills, I went up there to change my address each time I moved. Capital credit checks are only good for 60 days. I was never notified about the 2011, 2012, and 2016 checks.

Almost $300 just gone. The woman didn’t understand how the old address remained in their system, but it was fixed, and she credited my account for 2017’s, a whopping $33. But the $300….too bad. What a bummer that was to find out.

My mom gifted my son two pairs of uniform pants, but they were too small. I went to exchange for the correct size and they refused to allow me to do an even exchange without a receipt. But I could return it for a gift card, and go buy new ones. Except they rang up $4.98. When I questioned the price, they told me that without a receipt, you are given the most recent sale price. I asked “So does this mean they are currently $4.98?” YES. Okay, that works. Got my $10 gift card and went to go pick out two pairs. Guess what? NOTHING was $4.98. They were all $10!!! They refused to give me back the pants I returned, etc. It was just a terrible experience all around.

While there I purchased two more pairs of uniform shorts. Altogether we have 8 pieces of Target’s Cat & Jack clothing line uniform bottoms. First pair: worn, washed once – adjustable waistband snapped in half and unraveled in the washing machine, tying the entire load of clothes into one big ball. I had to use scissors to undo the mess. Second pair, son just put them on and the slide clasp popped right off! Third pair, slide clasp popped off while at school! Without that clasp piece, you cannot close the pants. Absolutely the worst quality uniforms we’ve ever had! I usually get GAP, but they didn’t have any good sales in time for school (we start in mid-July.) I contacted Target and their reply was “return to store with receipt” – but I can only find a receipt for 2 pairs. I have 4 items still new with tags too, but I’ll be damned if I risk getting $4.98 back per pair when I paid $10-$12 each! (I am actively hunting those receipts.)

Finally customer service tells me that I can either A) return the 2 pairs with receipt for full refund, or B) accept a $25 Target gift card as a “one time courtesy” – as if they are doing me a big favor here. But can I do both? NO! If they issue a gift card, they’ll invalidate the receipt. WTF!? Uniforms shouldn’t be falling apart after one wear, wash, or try on. Money down the drain!!! I hate you Target. I haven’t even replied to their email, I was too angry.

We’ve survived the first week of school. Summers seem extremely short when you’re an adult. I’m quite sure our local school system is nearing year-round school. Starting in mid-July, getting out end of May. I moved twice as a child, and as I recall, up north we’d go back after Labor Day in September, and get out at the end of June. In the south, we’d start mid-August, and get out end of May. They’re filling the school year with a bunch of useless week-long breaks, when a longer summer would be nicer. For us. I realize for working parents it’s a different story.

DH had a week long vacation leading up to the first week of school. Our plan was to use this week to sort the garage, storage room, and clean house to prepare for a huge yard sale. Once again, the yard sale didn’t happen. Between the weather – nonstop rain – and unexpected doctor visits for DS2, the entire vacation felt less like a vacation and more like one long, exhausting chore.

Regarding my previous post about DS2’s insurance, we were able to get it reinstated. Although I recently received a letter in the mail stating our income was $85,000 and I needed to pay $7,500 towards medical care. I don’t know where that number came from. This entire ordeal makes me laugh. I literally send in pay stubs and W2s, they are located in our online account, none of these add up to anywhere near $85,000!!! I WISH!!! Ah, government, you never fail to disappoint.

We took DS2 to the specialist appointment we were eagerly awaiting. Unfortunately, it did not go well. The doctor was dismissive as soon as she walked in the room. Kept interrupting DH and I, wouldn’t look at the medical paperwork I brought. It was a waste of our time, and we were treated like uneducated imbeciles. I’ve since been in touch with patient services to file a formal complaint about this doctor. It was the last straw for me. I’m tired of dealing with shitty doctors!!

Now DS2 is back on the waitlist for genetics. We waited two years for the first appointment that ended with the geneticist saying “he doesn’t look like he has a syndrome, come back in a few years.” !!! Of course that was before I gave up on the medical industry and began doing my own research. Now we have a path for precise testing. The difficult part is finding the right doctor to listen.

As for money. It’s been rough here. I’m failing miserably at budgeting. I’m sure a smidgen of that could be attributed to stress and depression. I currently have $52.33 in the account to last until payday. My oldest needs school supplies and we don’t have many groceries. Getting gas in the truck would eat more than what we have. I don’t even know where to begin to get back on track, and frankly I’m tired of being the one having to do it all.

Our renter (family member) was suppose to be out in June, then July, and now…..who knows! They received a wonderful raise and promotion a couple months ago. Apparently that was “too much responsibility” – so they quit!!! I couldn’t believe it. Now I’m worried money won’t come in to pay the bills and they won’t get the hell out anytime soon. We need to sell that house. No one cares about the burden it has placed on us. Whenever I mention the need to sell, I am portrayed as the bad guy, because I should be happy to help this family member. Maybe for the first year, but this is year 3 on a 1 year lease. It’s time for them to go and free us from the stress and drama.

Besides drowning in medical bills, I’ve been battling the state over DS2’s secondary insurance coverage. No one seems to be able to assist, and in the meantime, it’s costing us a fortune at doctors offices. We are so close to diagnosing DS2 with a syndrome that could put him on the correct path for treatment and services, but until it’s official, we have a lot of specialist appointments to attend.

In June his secondary insurance was up for renewal, and I was allowed to switch coverage. I moved him from coverage A to coverage B, because it covered more services. I also submitted all of our updated financial information with the renewal, this was June 11th. (We’re not making anymore money, but our 2018 primary insurance premiums are higher, so our take home is less. Qualifying isn’t an issue.) Deadline was the 30th. Last week of June, I received his new insurance card for coverage B. First week of July, I received a letter from the state stating his coverage had been terminated for failure to provide proof of income.

HA! I should have known better. Today we had a specialists appointment. At the front desk they informed me we had to pay $460 up front for our copay and 40%. I asked about his secondary coverage and it wasn’t on file, so they resubmitted it, and it came back as denied. Inactive coverage. The doctors office graciously offered to bill the $460 in hopes we get this insurance situation fixed first, so I didn’t have to pay today.

I spent 3 hours on the phone trying to get a human on the line to get this sorted out. I kept being transferred to voicemail boxes that are full and the line disconnects. I am about to lose my mind. The end result? I was told to call our caseworker, whose number is the one that leads to the full voicemail message. The rep claimed she emailed the caseworker with our information, but to “please allow 3-5 days for our files to be reviewed and to hear from our caseworker.”

But, we are so close! SO CLOSE to having a diagnosis. I’m 99.999% sure I know what it is – I did the research and found it, after being dismissed repeatedly by specialists, including a geneticist we waited 2 years to see. The diagnosis is important, because it allows us to get him therapies he needs that we cannot afford – even with insurance!