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All have appeared on my cid in the last year.Normally, I do not answer long distance numbers like this, but one day this winter my DUMB fiancee answered it and they claimed that I owed them a cell bill from rogers wireless, which was cancelled more than 5 years ago after a service and billing dispute, which i thought had been cleared up since.The lady was quite rude and started to rant at him on the phone, demanding me. When I took the phone, I just listened for a min and heard her continue to rant.It made me sooo mad!! I told her to [censored] off, and to not call here anymore, I do not owe!Since then, they call me EVERY DAY, SEVERAL times a day from these different numbers, never the same one twice in a row.From what I have read they are considered scam artists because people who have never had the service, or, like me, do not owe on a previous service, are also being targeted.The numbers seem to all go through an ottawa relay # 613-567-3100.They have a history of changing their company name, thus collecting the aforementioned phone numbers, but it is all the same company.They also try to tell people that they are a risk management company, and claimed a couple other company titles as well..IT IS A LIE!!They apparently also seem to be violating several laws regarding debt collection.If you are forced to talk to them for any reason, tell them you are setting up a call trace through your phone company.Request that they do not call you back, but, if they do, then you are going to record your conversations.Try to get a name each time they call, then tell them to send a letter requesting the collection to the address they have listed..

DO NOT GIVE THEM AN ADDRESS IF THEY ASK!!If they argue, say that if they really do have a bill, then they have the info already!!Calling on sundays is also illegal.Whatever you do, DO NOT VOLUNTEER ANY INFO WHATSOEVER!! I cannot emphasise this enough!Then go through with your threats.It may cost a few bucks, but if they are a shady company, they need to be shut down!Trust me, the harassment will not stop by ignoring them!They do not abide by the collection laws!They also seem to enjoy harassing people.No joke.They will threaten you.They will be abusive and rude.They are persistent.They do not care that it is 7 am and you have small kids, are very ill, that the person does not live in your household, or is dead, or that you do not owe.The only way to get rid of them is to follow the steps above..Do not be afraid to threaten them, they are menacing and threatening and harassing YOU! You should not be stressed every time your phone rings.You have the power to stop them if you fight back.Good luck!I hope I can help someone out there, and if we stand up to them collectively, we’ll get rid of them!:)

P.S.- I have also called rogers to complain.They said they would get back to me, and follow-up calls to them have not produced tangible results as of yet..It has been over a month since I started THAT phone chase, so, while I advise you to call, and you may get different results, depending on your situation, it may not stop them either.Also, if you call them back, or if you are on hold YOU ARE CHARGED long distance!!

Dick 219, you are also speaking on a topic which you have no education on. FDCPA allows calls based on state laws, so all laws are different based on what state you live in. Are you with me so far? Do more research on that pleeeese. Desktop themes windows 7 64 bit also it’s these companies that return roughly 4.2 billion per year back to the economy that is hurting from the help of consumers who arent paying back as agreed. Have you ever noticed its the ones who complain who ended up in collections in the 1st place? Handle your buisness the right way and be pro-active about solving your issues if they exsist. One could easily launch an assult on you moral character as well as you values simply by pointing out your reluctancy to comply with contractual agreements. Dont breech contracts, dont steal by being deceptive in your payment habbits, and dont cry when someone comes looking for thier money. You dont know how lucky you are that you have laws protecting you from someone coming over and taking it out of your ###. Be grown up about your finnacial obligations 1st!!! Then and only then can you cry about the method in which you are approached. Oh!! Also dont talk about peoples’ grammar and spelling abilities when your are the worst of them all. Have a nice day.

This company is breaking the law. There are several acts that anyone dealing with collection agencies should know about. There is recourse too. If they are breaking the law you can contact the consumer protection branch and they need to act. Firstly they are governed by the ontario collection agencies act. This outlines things like when they can call, how they can act, reporting false information to a collection reporting agency and list consequences they will face. It’s a bit of a bore to read but your best source of information is to read the exact act. Desktop publishing software for mac free there are also lots of spots on the web that will walk you through what the act really means.

Another VERY important act is the ontario limitations act 2002. Before 2004 (when the 2002 act came into affect) the statute of limitations was six years for collecting a debt through the courts and 2 years after 2004. Hp deskjet 3632 amazon the clock starts ticking on this on the date of last payment or you acknowleging the debt (should be in writing). This is REALLY important to know because iqor will try to get you to either acknowledge the debt or make a partial payment which will restart your time! This will also reset your time on your credit report so it doesn’t come off for 6 years! Just because you pay something off doesn’t mean it won’t affect your credit anymore! IQor may try to change this date on your credit report anyway and that is totally illegal! This is probably your biggest tool for getting them to leave you alone. Firstly tell them you are aware of the statute and that you will take it to court, where the law will rule in your favour. Secondly, if they have changed the dates, like they did with me, then you can demand they change the information. This is important because on your credit report the entry is removed after 6 years from the date of last activity (payment, acknowledgment). Many of the collection agencies will change this to when they purchased the debt and/or when you spoke to them but that is illegal. You are protected from this practice mainly from the credit reporting act but false statements on your credit report is also covered under the collection agencies act.

Now, the collection agency is within their rights to try and collect any debt, regardless of the statute of limitations, but if you point out you are prepared to take it to court, most will let it go. You see, once you get the judgment then they do need to stop. So although it seems like a pain in the butt, write your letter, send it to them and ask for something in writing. Demand they have it removed from your credit report or you will report them. They can face jail time and/or fines up to $250, 000. Your best bet might just be to take it to court get a judgment against them. Desk organizer woodworking plans that way you can show the credit reporting agency and tell iqor it is harrassment if they contact you again. Be sure to do everything in writing and start every communication with ‘I do not owe this debt’. If you have documentation on the last date payment was made then you are even better off. If rogers doesn’t have the bill anymore (they purge them from their system) then they no longer have proof of what the charges are for. In court the burden is on them to prove it. ***please note that if iqor takes it to court and you don’t show, then the statute and proof just isn’t required and they will likely get a judgment against you anyway. Sometimes they do this and hope people just won’t show.

When I asked who they were and what their company did a very rude woman said she wouldn’t give me more than their name – iquor -since it was none of my business. I replied that if they wouldn’t give me anythig more than that, then I wouldn’t pass on the message. She responded that it didn’t matter because they would just keep calling until they got the person they were looking for. I just googled and found various blog sites with similar complaints.

It parallels a similar experience I had over a three or four year period whe I was harrassed by collectors chasing a bill to HFC for furniture I had purchased in edmonton. Since I have never been to albertain my life, I told them they obviously had the wrong mr. Xxx xxxx. When they seemed to grasp that I might be telling the truth, the calls would cease for a couple of months, then it would start all over again.

I finally told them that I would be lodging a complaint with all relevant agencies. I told them it appeared that they were just going through the motions of chasing down the delinquent debtor and were merely fishing for anyone with the same name. The collection clerk I was speaking to more or less admitted that was the case. I never heard anymore from them for about 18 months. I’m wondering if this could be the same outstanding debt and I’m being fished again. Odesk jobs sign up I intend to make contact with them and threaten to take action against them if the don’t piss off.