Jewish racism bolshevik pedophiles and rapists, and their impact on the alt-right

I have long been alarmed at the prevalence and severity of the misogyny I have witnessed among some alt-right leaders. I suspect it is indicative of their ties to, and training by, Bolsheviks. Leon Trotsky (Lev Davidovich Bronstein) was a mass murderer of tens of millions, who raped little girls. Béla Kun (Béla Kohn) was a mass murdering Bolshevik rapist. One of the most notorious rapists of children in all of recorded history was the perverted murderous Bolshevik Lavrentiy Beria. The genocidal Bolshevik Ilya Ehrenburg incited the Red Army to mass rape German females from infants to old ladies, which they proceeded to do, and to slaughter all Germans. Ehrenburg incited the Soviet Army to genocide Germans stating,

Kill! Kill! In the German race there is nothing but evil; not one among the living, not one among the yet unborn but is evil!

Follow the precepts of Comrade Stalin. Stamp out the fascist beast once and for all in its lair! Use force and break the racial pride of these German women. Take them as your lawful booty. Kill! As you storm onward, kill, you gallant soldiers of the Red Army."

Karl Marx and the Bolsheviks sought to nationalize women, thereby making them the sexual slaves of the State. This was obviously a genocidal policy meant to degrade the genes of the best females by mixing them with the most perverted and criminally brutal worst males. Of course, the experiences of the women and girls, who were brutally raped and somehow managed to survive, rendered them less fit as mothers than would have been the case had this sexual abuse and violence not occurred. Sexually transmitted diseases rendered many infertile.

This hatred of women inspires White Nationalists to degrade one half of the White race. It inspires all Whites to disrespect White women and lesson their resistance to miscegenation and the mass rape of White children taking place in England, Sweden and other historically White nations by non-White immigrants. It is intended to destroy White racial pride, as Ehrenburg openly declared.

In the letter published in The Times on November 14 from a British officer in South Russia to his wife on "the Horrors of Bolshevism," mention was made of the outrages on young girls in the town of Ekaterinodar, in Northern Caucasia. We are now able to give a striking confirmation of these unspeakable atrocities in the report of a special commission of lawyers who held an investigation after the Bolshevists had been driven from the town.

The atrocities were perpetrated by the Bolshevists in the spring of 1918. The inquiry was held this year after the recapture of the town, and the report was issued on June 25, 1919. It is a tale of unbridled licence, brutality, and the rape of young school girls. The investigation was carried out in accordance with the regular procedure of the Russian Criminal Courts. The report reads as follows:—

Those who wished to avail themselves of this decree had to apply to the proper revolutionary departments. The originator of this idea was the Commissarv for Home Affairs, the Jew Bronstein (Trotsky). It was he, too, who issued the authorizations (mandates) for the said "socialization." Similar authorizations were issued by his subordinate Kobsireff, the commander of the Bolshevist Cavalry Division, by the Commander-in-Chief Ivastscheff, and by other Soviet authorities, the authorizations being stamped by "The Staff of the North Caucasian Revolutionary Troops."

Armed with similar certificates of authorization, the Red Guards seized over 60 of the youngest and prettiest women, mostly of the bourgeois class amid pupils from the local schools. Several of them were seized in the town park, which was conducted by the Red Guards. Four of the captives were outraged on the spot in one of the sheds in the park.

For instance, one young girl was released who had been violated by the chief of the Bolshevist militia levy Prokolieff. The other women were carried off by Red Guard detachments in their retreat, and their fate is unknown. Finally, some of the women, after various horrible tortures, were killed outright or flung into the Kuban or Knaiasun rivers.

Two little bits, ref. Bolshevist atrocities, you might type in as many copies as you can. If you and several others left them in different tea-shops every afternoon, it might touch quite a lot of people. I shall send you chapter and verse if I can. If I haven’t sent chapter and verse in a month, do your best without. Papers are no good, because papers would put it more delicately.

"We have here at H.Q. passes issued to Bolshevists by commissaries on occupying Ekaterinodar. These passes authorize their holders to arrest any girl they fancy for the use of the soldiery. Sixty-two girls of all classes were arrested like this and thrown to the Bolshevist troops. Those who struggled were killed quite early on. The rest, when used and finished, were mutilated and thrown, dead and dying, into the two small rivers flowing through Ekaterinodar.

"In all towns occupied by Bolshevists and reoccupied by us ‘slaughter-houses’ are found choked with corpses. Hundreds of ‘suspects,’ men, women, and children, were herded in these—doors and windows manned and the struggling mass fired into until most of them were dead or dying. The doors were then locked and they were left. The stench in these places, I am told, is hair-raising. These ‘slaughter-houses’ are veritable plague spots and have caused widespread epidemics."

In his testimony Rev. Simons told the U. S. Senate, as recorded in "Bolshevik Propaganda", Hearings before a Subcommittee of the Committee on the Judiciary: United States Senate: Sixty-Fifth Congress: Third Session and Thereafter: Pursuant to S. Res. 439 and 469: February 11, 1919, to March 10, 1919, Printed for use of the Committee on the Judiciary, Government Printing Office, Washington, (1919), pp. 108-162,

"Mr. Simons. Let me use a concrete case. I will try to say the thing in a way that will not be offensive to anybody. A few days before I left, the president of our Ladies’ Aid Society, a scholarly woman who has been a teacher for more than 25 years in one of the famous imperial institutions, called on me. I will not give you the name of the institute because I would like to reserve that for some other occasion, as I do not want this to get into the press and back to Russia. She said, bursting into sobs, ‘You know what a fine big building we have. I want you to tell the women of America this,’ she said with much emotion, as she buried her face in her hands. ‘I am sorry I lived to witness all this.’ I said, ‘This is so distressing to you that you had better not try to tell me. Write it out and send it to me some time.’ But she said, ‘No; I must tell you.’ She said, ‘On the first floor of our spacious institute, which used to be a palace, you know those large rooms that we have on the first floor. These Bolshevik officials have put hundreds of red soldiers, sailors, and marines of the red army and the red navy and given orders that in the other half of the same floor the girls of our institute should remain, girls who are from 12 to 16 years.’ This affected her so much that she burst out into tears. ‘I wish I had died before I witnessed all this. But I want you to tell the women of America.’"