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The paradise papers are documents relating to offshore investments that were leaked, then shared with the international consortium of investigative journalists, a network of more than 380 journalists. Luxury bathroom solutions some of the details were made public on 5 november 2017, second only to the panama papers of 2016 as the biggest data leak in history, and stories are still being released.

Why am I singling out hamilton? Well, it’s likely that all of you know who he is, and why his name is instantly recognizable, and that in the car enthusiast world, he is likely the worlds richest sports icon. After all, if I wrote this article about penny pritzker’s, you’d have no idea who she is… I’ve never heard of her before… But since I bring her up, she had pledged to divest from more than 200 firms when she was confirmed as president barack obama’s commerce secretary in 2013, but she transferred her assets to a company owned by her children’s trusts, which shared the same address as her office.


So, that’s why hamilton, and also because there is a clear and easy to read article in the guardian to draw information from about hamilton, about how he avoided paying european taxes on his private jet using an isle of man scheme, where he has a company on the island, which bought a private jet for him, and he leases the jet from that company, that he owns.

Simple, right? If you are rich enough, you get a lawyer to draw up papers that are legal, and that will create a business for you, even without an office or a door. Luxury bathroom design ideas it’s simply a legal entity that will pay taxes. Though, when you are rich enough, you can select where you create that paper that makes you a company owner… And why not do that where that country isn’t going to tax you very much. Luxury bathroom designs for small bathrooms then, your company buys a plane… And leases it. Luxury bathroom photo gallery why not? Companies buy and lease things all over the world, why shouldn’t you, if you are rich enough, own a company that buys planes. Well, one plane… The one you want…. And lease it, once, to you?

Then the isle of man government gave tax refunds to the private jet owners. 231 of them, which add up to about a $1bn giveaway, and that’s money the rich don’t pay in taxes, it’s money they receive. Bathroom luxury ebay yes, instead of paying a tax for purchasing a 50 million dollar airplane, they are getting a tax refund. 231 of them. A billion dollars, leaving the govt budget, making rich people richer, instead of rich people who can afford (when you have over 100 million dollars, I state that enables you to afford anything short of islands and countries purchased for private resorts, who says I’m wrong?) to pay a tax on a purchase. Luxury bathroom design images sales tax, and property tax. Is that really too much to do, when you are worth over $100,000,000?

If he had paid the 3.3 million british pounds (£3.3m) instead of getting that as a refund, he would have funded, all by himself, 17 sure start childrens educational centers (similar to pre-school) for one year. Contemporary bathroom lighting ideas photos simply by paying the VAT tax on the jet plane. Https://www.Foundationyears.Org.Uk/childrens-centres/ 17 pre-schools, for one year, is what £3.3m does when paid INTO the govt.

Hamilton appears to have used shell companies in the british virgin islands (BVI), the isle of man and guernsey to avoid the entire £3.3m VAT bill triggered when he imported his £16.5m (25 million dollars) red bombardier challenger 605 into england from canada in 2013. Hamilton set up another isle of man company to purchase a €1.7m motorhome that he uses at racetracks. No VAT appears to have been paid on that purchase either. Hamilton denies using shell companies, and says the manx entities were part of his businesses. He drives a car, fast. Luxury bathroom fittings india so… What businesses? Exactly. Papers that create businesses that don’t exist with an office, or a door.