Life with a newborn one month!ali on the run where to wash clothes

And as much as people tend to get weird when you compare babies to puppies, I have to say, for me it’s been pretty similar. I remember bringing ellie home and feeling terrified and clueless and crying when brian went to work because he was the smart, solid one and I was the idiot who had never had a dog and why does she keep peeing everywhere but on her pee pad?

For the first few weeks of parenthood, I felt like brian was the perfect parent and I was clueless. I had no confidence. I was afraid to do anything to annie. I didn’t want to hurt her or make her upset or be the reason she was crying. How to wash hair with baking soda and vinegar I wanted to be a natural, and I’m not, but I’m learning. One month in, and my confidence is already so boosted. I’m still apprehensive about many things — agreeing to meet someone at a certain time, driving alone with her (what if she cries while I’m driving?!

How do I soothe her if I’m on the highway?! What if she needs me?), or generally venturing too far from the comfort of our home. But I’m getting better.

We go for walks every day. Sometimes she fusses or cries when we’re out, and I know how to settle her down. (she usually either wants her pacifier, she moved so her hat pushed down over her eyes, or she’s starting to get hungry.) and honestly, as the one person who is with her all day every day, I finally feel like I know her best. (IT’S A COMPETITION. ALWAYS. No, I’m kidding. But if it were, I would totally win. But it’s not a competition.) I know her cries, her cues, and all her little faces. And really, it’s like when I was getting to know ellie. How to wash dress pants now, ellie can be three rooms away, and if she barks or makes a noise, I know exactly what she needs or wants (almost always a ball somewhere she can’t quite reach).

Thank you to everyone who listened to and responded to last week’s episode of the ali on the run show. I went back and forth on that one, as I tend to do a bit with the super personal stuff. But of course, I always share. No filter feller! I already feel so different than I did when I recorded that episode just a few days ago. Using baking soda to clean dishwasher and I’m sure a few days from now, I could go right back to feeling unconfident and terrified.

I’ve read so much stuff about pumping — at least the first 19 pages of google results — and there are women who say they feed their babies bottles while pumping. How? Annie needs to be burped every few minutes mid-feed, and when I try to pick her up and hold her between my pumping boobs, she inevitably kicks one of the flanges and just about rips off my nipple. Not ideal. She likes to be picked up if she’s a little fussy, and it’s impossible to do that mid-pump. Also, people say they lie their babies across their laps while they pump, which I did once, and annie promptly got knocked in the face by the bottle I was pumping into. Sorry, anno! (she has many nicknames.)

But generally, I feel like all I do is think about my boobs. About when I need to pump next. Washing newborn clothes before use about making sure all my pump parts are ready to go. (don’t worry, I have tons of spares.) about clogged ducts. (I’ve had two so far. It felt like having golf balls lodged into my boobs. Ouch!) about how I thought I’d be able to sleep on my stomach post-pregnancy, but NOPE. I can’t, because my boobs hurt, and because the other night I slept on my stomach and woke up with the most painful clogged duct. So no more of that. Maybe someday!

I have never drank so much water in my life! I am also eating terribly! I haven’t been able to get my act together enough to actually meal prep or grocery shop, which isn’t even exclusive to this time in my life. I’ve NEVER really done that! I’ve pretty much been living off peanut mms and oreos, and while those foods are delicious, it’s…not great. What temperature do you wash white clothes with bleach I’m starting blue apron again in december, so we’ll see how that goes.

I feel busy every day, but then it’s 5 PM and I look around and wonder, “WTF did I even do today?” I have no idea. I snuggle annie a lot, which is most important. I pump a lot. And I watch a lot of ellen, jeopardy (LOVING teen tournament weeks!), and wheel of fortune (vanna white, you are a queen). Also still watching this is us, and am very into A million little things (though I always accidentally call it big little lies or pretty little liars or big little pretty things). And I’ve been sucked back into grey’s anatomy for the 17th time. I hate myself.

I know not to do it. I know. And I’m pretty good about it, usually. But I’ll be honest: I see posts from women who had babies around the same time I did, and they’re already running six miles a day (HOW? Do their boobs not hurt like mine?!) or getting a ton of work done or making elaborate dinners every night. With a big smile on their faces! I have a smile on my face a lot of the time, but I don’t have my shit together all that much. How to hand wash clothes with tide pods just a reminder, I suppose, that we’re all doing our best and some days my best is never changing out of my pjs.

2. Re: comparison–I feel envious that you managed to work out for darn near all 9 months of your pregnancy. My back and pelvis are in *excruciating* crying-when-i-roll-over-in-bed pain if I walk a single mile (I’m 7 months along!). So just because some people can work out at various stages of pregnancy/postpartum doesn’t say anything about your character or anything!

3. So much of getting-your-baby-on-a-schedule is either the baby’s temperament or a parenting decision. How to clean upholstery with baking soda I knew a mom who put her week-old twins on a schedule because she felt that was the only way to have a semblance of order in her life. You do cry-it-out at nap time and bedtime, and feed them on a precise schedule even if it means waking them from sleep. I think most babies tend to fall into a rhythm closer to 3-4 months. That said, my son woke every 3 hours at night for 7 months. I waited to see if he would sleep longer….And he didn’t…and I was literally hallucinating from lack of sleep…so we did cry it out and got on a true schedule then. Some parents would call me weak for not doing it sooner, others would say I’m a barbarian. You’ll know when both you and annie are ready for a schedule, and don’t put ANY pressure on yourself!

I had my first baby in april, and I can identify with so much of what you’re going through! The nighttime anxiety! The constant thinking about your boobs! The crazy emotions! I’ll echo what pretty much everyone else has said: you’re doing great and it’ll get easier. I’m still breastfeeding, so I’m still thinking about my boobs constantly, but everything else has gotten way easier. And despite breastfeeding my boobs are finally back to a more normal size, and I can sleep on my stomach without getting clogged ducts (the worst! I have had so many clogged ducts and 3 horrible bouts of mastitis). Working out is still hard because I have to either feed my daughter or pump right before I put on a sports bra (word of caution here, I had a lot of trouble with sports bras causing clogs if my boobs weren’t empty when putting them on, a lactation consultant told me it was the compression so I’m kind of paranoid about it now ), but I make it work. I do orange theory 3x a week and I haven’t had a clog in almost 3 months (I also take lecithin daily now as another person mentioned). Oh and I tasted my breastmilk #128578; it was shockingly sweet. Like melted ice cream or milk at the end of a bowl of lucky charms. Anyway. What setting to wash white shirts I’m a longtime reader and a fellow new mom with crohn’s, and I really enjoy the updates and the pictures of your beautiful daughter. Your love for annie is extremely evident and that’s really all that matters.