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I will try to reply to every signed review unless you have private messaging disabled. You took the time to review, the least I can do is answer. I will answer questions about my fics or discuss anything about the fandoms I write for. Hp deskjet 3520 wireless setup ipad I’ve been known to offer writing advice when asked, too, although how much help I’ve actually been is anyone’s guess. Don’t be afraid to message me, I don’t bite.

I will never abandon a story half way through. I will never upload the first chapter of a story unless I have a rough draft of the entire story already completed. I will never upload the first chapter of a story unless I am happy with the rough draft and confident that I can complete it to a standard I am satisfied with. ( this is why I haven’t posted anything new in forever.)

The only things that would ever stop me completing a story are computer issues or serious real life issues. Printer hp deskjet 1000 j110 series when uploading a story, I will do my best to update it every few days; once a week at the longest. I know how horrible it is to be left hanging for months waiting for an update. Deskjet printer price in pakistan if I ever do stop updating mid-story, there will be a message at the top of my profile (and on my blog) explaining why. If there isn’t, and I don’t reappear within a fortnight, I’m probably dead.

Finally, I’m sorry to disappoint, but severus and hermione will never have children in any of my HP fics. I’ve seen it done well, but mostly it’s done really badly and OOC, and it doesn’t work with my personal versions of the characters. If I can’t make it believable in my own head, I know I can’t write it. Other authors can and have, and good luck to them, but it’s not going to happen in my writing.

I’m always happy to grant permission if you want to translate anything I’ve written (though if you take on one of the long ones, make sure you have time to finish it, please). If it’s not on this list, I haven’t authorised it. Deskjet 3520 if you happen to notice that any of the long translations haven’t been updated in a while, let me know – if I can’t get hold of the person translating, I’m happy to let someone else take over.

Seven: dark AU post-DH EWE. Canon compliant until the final battle. The boy who lived… Didn’t. Nor did most of the order. Hogwarts has fallen. Desk com reply themes the few surviving members of the order are still trying to fight, but it looks hopeless until they are contacted and realise that someone else is still fighting alongside them. Probably won’t happen.

I was also tentatively working on a non-SSHG series that would basically be at least the major canon scenes of all seven books from severus’ point of view and would ideally have been a coherent story, similar to second year only better (not happy with that one). Since working on the canon deconstruction on the blog (see above) I’ve realised that canon makes so little sense it would be impossible to do this and be happy with the end result, so it probably won’t happen.

Black and gold: some stories about arram’s time at university and how he arrived in tortall and became numair. This is a very long way down the priority list at the moment, and now that we’re finally getting an official canon version it may never happen. I have a few tentative notes, but that’s it. Co desk hero motocorp tempests and slaughter has confused a few headcanons.

Nothing concrete, but I’m tentatively batting around a few ideas for short lan-based pieces. Because lan is cool and really doesn’t get the attention he deserves. This is probably just going to be a little side project, something I’ll work on to get over writer’s block or to stop me getting too bogged down in any of my very long intense fics from other series. Not sure where I’ll be going with it. Also I have now concluded that in randland’s future, malkier will rule the world.