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“this thing is going to look so sweet mounted on the wall of my dojo.” taya reminded him, “our dojo.” johnny continued, “it’s going to look even sweeter though when it’s covered in that stupid turd monster’s blood.” johnny decided he was going to warm up then felt the power surge. Cue electricity waves in his eyes. On his way out, johnny said, “if tonight I somehow end up being sacrificed to the gods never to be seen again, just know that I love you.”

After mundo’s exit, taya heard a voice. Rosa spoke, “I love you too.” taya looked over confused at how the doll could talk. Driving fuel cost calculator rosa went on, “you’re the perfect woman. AND THE PERFECT HOST!” the second part was in an ugly tone. The camera angle was from behind taya as she started shaking.

I guess the idea was that rosa’s spirit invaded taya’s body.

The match began with a slap fight. The pace was quick. Fall 1 lasted a little less than three minutes. The top highlight was a springboard flying crossbody to the outside by el dragon azteca jr. The pin came after a rolling thrust uppercut/slap by fenix to azteca on the turnbuckles. Fenix put azteca on his shoulders for a rotating muscle buster slam maneuver.

In the locker room, johnny mundo approached a stoic-looking taya. Mundo was pleased with his performance. “how about we get out of here and finally take that honeymoon of ours? What do you say, mrs. Import price of natural gas in india mundo?” taya replied, “sorry, johnny. I’m not your wife.” taya grabbed johnny by the throat and womanhandled him. Rosa giggles were heard. Taya lifted johnny off his feet then slammed him to the ground. “I am a god.”

Still in the limo, a man in the shadows smoked a cigar. Jake strong entered with blood on his shirt. Antonio cueto looked saddened upon hearing it was matanza’s blood. A voice in spanish said, “your son was a worthy host and the order will never forget his sacrifice.” transition to english, “but now, we must find a new host.” the dude leaned forward. Wade barrett!!! “so, anyone else have any bad news? … Well, I guess it’s time to take over the world.”

Fenix vs el dragon azteca jr. Was the closest to a genuine lucha libre match out of the four advertised bouts. Average gas cost per gallon the first two falls were too quick though. Mack vs mil muertes had plenty of intense action. Johnny mundo actually made the gauntlet work in the ring. That was a pleasant surprise. The cero miedo match with pentagon DARK against marty martinez was what it was. You either enjoy extreme hardcore or you don’t. I am pleased as punch that no thumbtacks were used. I don’t have much else to say about the matches themselves, so let’s tackle the story points.

Taya. Rosa. Gas cost estimate road trip johnny. Oh, my. That was a major twist by having rosa inhabit taya’s body. I guess there will be no slamming in slamtown during the offseason. Will the mundos ever have peace as a married couple? Ever since I saw the trailer, I thought it was rosa choking the life out of taya. I never considered that rosa was a god. Evil taya will be an intriguing character in and out of the ring for season five.

I’m so over the melissa santos character. I love her as a ring announcer, but I’m growing to hate her as an important personality. Her random shouts for help are extremely annoying. How much gas money will my trip cost I understand the story of her believing fenix’s soul could still be there, but I can’t get over the idea that she hasn’t tried to do anything about it for the past three weeks. And now she cares so deeply? Not to mention, she cost el dragon azteca jr. The match. Boo!

The segment with shaul guerrero was tons of fun, but that was mostly due to famous B and chavo jr. I thought the actual surprise reveal was a dud. How to calculate gas cost on google maps nothing against shaul, but she does not fit what antonio was hyping to. She is lucha libre royalty in name only and is not blockbuster. Heck, I would have been more excited for an appearance by vickie guerrero. It will be interesting to see if shaul ends up as a luchadora in season five.

Why wasn’t matanza sacrificed? I thought a sacrifice was supposed to be the point of the match. A one-way stipulation is kind of lame. In theory, matanza could continue to stalk johnny mundo. Matanza should have been taken to sacrificetown. I’ll overlook it since matanza’s eventual demise was super awesome. Also, why did matt striker and vampiro think johnny was sacrificed after crashing through the roof? That’s not how any of the sacrifices worked in the past.

The only spoiler I accidentally discovered this season was jake strong leaving as lucha underground champion. I didn’t know the details, but it became pretty obvious once strong won the gift of the gods title. For that reason, I had zero emotion when pentagon DARK beat marty martinez. I’m okay with strong as champ, since he has god power. That story element makes a world of difference.

It wouldn’t be ultima lucha without vampiro/pentagon shenanigans. I’m fairly certain that vamp’s master is AAA’s australian suicide. I recognized him by his lip rings. Fuel cost calculator uk diesel he’s pretty cool in the ring. I thought the master at ultima lucha tres was more muscly, so his stature was underwhelming in this episode. At least, australian suicide will be a good wrestling choice.