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2. Jesse says that there’s one mexican restaurant in particular that serves their food above all of the rest, and that’s really saying something for a place like homestead where there’s a mexican restaurant on practically every other block. Maybe one day jesse will take his closest friends (including me) over to this place to experience the real deal.

5. Lysol disinfectant kills viruses, bacteria, mold, and mildew. It kills 99.9% of germs in 30 seconds. Cool tattoo ideas for guys arms I know a whole bunch of public places in and around homestead that could use a good soaking of lysol daily ! I wonder what’s the deal with the remaining 0.1% of germs. Does lysol kill them as well, but it just takes longer than 30 seconds ?

6. A lot of great pop music came out during the summer of 1998.

I just took a look at my # 1 hits from my once successful music web site during june, july, august, and september of exactly a decade ago, and it brought back a lot of good times and memories from that era. I think I hung out with my little brother a lot during that fun summer.

10. I’m ending this week’s ‘tuesday night grab bag O’ thoughts’ at 7:12 PM. It took me less than an hour to come up with everything that you just read within this blog entry. That’s how spontaneous this is. I had nothing before I started, and now I have this creation. Awesome watercolor tattoos I created this masterpiece, and I used the skills that were provided to be by my creator – the creator of all things that exist – god. He’s good like that. He’s amazing like that. There is no one and no thing that is greater than him !

1. NO – your eyes are not deceiving you. This is really an edition of ‘the major’s walk-A-thon’. Images of awesome tattoos I just had to take advantage of this extremely unusual cool and dry air over homestead this late in the winter season (which incidentally I forecasted with precision accuracy nearly a week ago). When dewpoints reach the lower-60s in late-may in homestead you just know that you are living through a strange weather phenomenon. Of course if you have no clue what a dewpoint is then you probably just think that it’s really sunny outside ! 8)

2. Before I even ventured on this ‘walk-A-thon’ I went over to florida city (where all of the food is), and I ate the mother of all MASSIVE breakfasts to end all MASSIVE breakfasts big and small – at denny’s ! I walked in, I was treated with love, care, and respect, and I ate one of the biggest meals that I can remember in recent short-term memory. Everything was just oh-so-perfect with this breakfast experience – including the environment, the surrounding clientele, and the rockin’ music that was playing in the background. Cool small chest tattoos I think I found my new favourite breakfast hang-out joint on future saturday (or holiday) mornings.

3. I ate so much food that I just had to walk it all off, and so I did via a basic ‘old-school’ standard-issue 1.3-mile walk around the circumference of my beautiful neighbourhood. I did the walk in a little more than 23½-minutes, and I walked to the fantastic beat of my glorious christian rock, pop, and hip hop music on my green 2GB ipod shuffle. Editorial comment alert – if I were the music director of the main lobby of life pointe church on sunday mornings then I would play my ipod shuffle in lieu of the current music selection on the ipod that has been played endlessly for about a year now. But that’s just me.

1. I arrived at the movie theatre at my normal time this morning, and pastor paul was already sweating up a storm upon my arrival. He totally dreams of setup on sunday morning, and come to think of it – so do I. Transforming a place of hollywood movie magic into a place of worship within a matter of a few hours late on saturday night and early on sunday morning can only be described as miraculous. We do it all for him.

2. Awesome tattoos for guys tumblr I was at the kids’ life registration table when kelly, kourtney, mckenna, and blake checked in. I said ‘hi’ to everyone. Kourtney ran away from me, mckenna ignored me, and blake looked straight at me and cracked a smile as if to say ‘yeah, I know my name !’ oh yeah – and kelly told me to fix her up with a cup of coffee with lots of cream and sugar. Do back of neck tattoos hurt apparently kelly thought that it was mother’s day rather than memorial day. It’s all good, but kelly got her own coffee ! #128559;

3. A rockin’ edition of ‘praise worship’ was conducted by jesse, alex, another young skinny dude with long hair and tattoos, and julie (of ‘richard julie’ fame). If you weren’t up on your feet and singing and dancing and clapping your hands then you … were probably sitting down and enjoying the music of god in your own special way. That’s cool too.

5. What happened over the course of the next 3½-hours (immediately following the conclusion of the 10:30 AM service) can only be described as mass chaos to an exponential degree. I won’t mention most of the specifics except for the highlight of it all which featured richie N. And I as the only two people to show up for a picnic and baptism at homestead bayfront park. Apparently we made it in to the crowded park just before it was closed (by miami-dade county police) to new patrons, but we didn’t know it at the time. I later found out (while I was back at home eating dinner) that the picnic had been moved over to keys gate park (just a couple of miles away). One of these months we are going to have a normal picnic and baptism. I’d like to be there for that one !