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My first reef: for 5 years starting in 1987, I kept a 100g custom acrylic system from a long defunct company called lahaina aquariums, with all the ‘modern’ features including a wet-dry trickle filter, external countercurrent skimmer with limewood stone, and metal halide/actinic lighting. Awesome back tattoo designs and even though some of the techniques are no longer considered optimal, the tank did pretty much thrive and with much less effort that I expend now, despite all the intervening advances. It did have one huge design defect though – return water was directed to the surface as usual, but also straight through the bottom of the tank into a plenum beneath the coral rubble substrate, where it flowed from right to left. Which meant that the only thing keeping the tank from draining completely in the event of a power failure or return pump failure was a huge check valve.

Sure OK fine, unless the valve develops a buildup of organic microfilms and crud and sticks open next time the power fails. (maintaining proper operation of this valve was a high priority! I never did have that catastrophe, but I came close once.)

The huge slate blue palythoa colony, as well as many other critters there, I got direct from a hawaiian diver. Many other large pieces like that elegance were routinely available at shops. Unfortunately the stores at the time would also stock many creatures, including obligate corallivore butterflies, non-photosynthetic gorgonians, even basket stars, that we now know would have had little chance of surviving (and they typically didn’t, for long) and that are rarely seen in stores or online at present. I did manage to get some corallivores eating frozen food though, including a beautiful chaetadon plebeius that was one of my tank favorites for several years.

Current tanks: I have two reefer 450s operational. The first has been up for 18 months, and is a fairly high energy low nutrient system that is becoming increasingly SPS-dominant. The second has been up for 8 months, and is also a mixed reef although more of a back reef environment, and with a large number of btas and other nems. I recently added a group of 23 young ocellaris clownfish from seareef (arrived in fantastic health, btw); we’ll see if they form a harem or just wind up attacking each other as they get older.

Other interests: when I moved to seattle, I got my SCUBA certification and spent the next 20+ years diving first puget sound on the weekends and then the world on every vacation, always looking for destinations with healthy reefs, abundant fish populations, and relatively few other divers. My avatar and below is a photo of me taken by a fellow diver in the galapagos, cruising along next a very chill whale shark.

Growing up we had freshwater fish, hamsters and a cat. I would also collect snakes, salamanders and newts around my neighborhood. As I grew older I kept several reptiles and freshwater tanks. In the early nineties a new college friend recommended I graduate to marine tanks and got me started with martin A. Moe’s books. Unique tattoo ideas for guys within a year I had three tanks running at once. At that time I also had a ferret, two iguanas and a red tailed boa constrictor all in a studio apartment. I ended up taking a job at a local pet store for a while to support my habit. The store had a large saltwater section and luckily, in the absence of an internet, I learned a lot there.

I returned to NY at the millennium and met my wife. We bought a betta fish and are on our fourth in 18 years. After we bought a house, I started running a freshwater planted tank. It was enjoyable, but I regretted not going marine. Half sleeve tattoo designs for guys that tank sprung a leak in our living room and I took it as a sign to return to saltwater. You can read about that adventure in my build thread linked below.

I work as a freelance technical director for live television, mostly news and sports throughout my career. I primarily do what a video editor does, but I do it live according to a directors call (and with a bit of engineering to coordinate all of my systems). One of the highlights of my career was working at madison square garden with the NY rangers and knicks in 1994.

Year started reefing: I started my first fresh water tank when I was 10 years old. My father was military so we never really had a chance to set up anything for the long term, so everything simple and on the cheap. Back then it was the basic intro fish like guppies, tetras and what ever else was marked down that I toss in the tank. I dabbled in freshwater on and off over the years until our company relocated us from kansas to north carolina. My wife and I stared our first saltwater tanks in 2012 with a 10, 15 gallon bow and a 29 gallon biocube. Mens half sleeve tattoos tumblr somewhere along the line we became hooked.

Screen name / avatar: hdsoftail1065 is a combination of my old slug, 2003 anniversary edition harley davidson heritage softail and part of my birthday. It is also used for several applications, gamer tag, old email and anything else that requires me to remember a user login. The avatar is one of the anemones in the biocube along with one of our picasso extremes.

Current tanks – 32 biocube and a oceanic 144 1/2 moon. Going in back into the hobby after short break we purchased the 32 and upgraded the lighting. Our initial plan was a mixed reef but that plan went in a different direction when we introduced 2 RBTA’s that decided to have a family of their own. Now we have a nice little 32 gallon nem tank. The 144 (L 57.5 x W 29 x H 29) has been a slow build all by choice. Remember – nothing good happens fast in this hobby. I seen this tank years ago but at the timing just wasn’t right. Fast forward a few years and I found this one still brand new with my name written all over it. It will soon be stocked with some corals. Cool wrist tattoos for guys I’m still tossing around what direction I want to go with this one. Mixed, softies, etc, time will tell.

A little about us: married 14 years to my best friend and feel blessed that we can enjoy this hobby together. You will soon discover I’m one of those guys that pays very close attention to detail…Ok, maybe not, but I will NEVER forget our anniversary! April 1st, who could ever forget that day! To this day she still doesn’t know if I was kidding, but then again I still don’t know if she was either. We have 2 children, daughter (28) son (24). 2 grandchildren keith (7) addie (6) and 4 fur-babies.