Meniere’s disease new treatments awesome chest tattoos for guys

• erectile dysfunction drugs. Degereman and associates (2017) recently published an article suggesting that drugs affecting phosphodiesterase (PDE), including sidenafil, can result in the developemt of endolymphatic hydrops. Most interesting tattoos ever this was a mouse study. We have never encountered a connection in our patients between ED drugs and meniere’s, but this report is disturbing.

• vestibular rehabilitation: lack of evidence for helpfulness in meniere’s. Conclusion based on the low quality of the selected studies, it is inconclusive whether there is a positive effect of vestibular rehabilitation in patients with MD on balance and dizziness-related quality of life. The author’s abstract says it all (van esch et al, 2017).

• steroid-gel (OTO-104). 8-1-2016 press release.

Otonomy is in process of obtaining an FDA indication for use of a dexamethasone gel to treat meniere’s. Oto-104 is currently underoing two phase 3 trials. Meaningful tattoo ideas for guys comment: here we have a company developing a treatment that requires injection of a gel containing steroids through the ear drum every 3 months. There are obvious issues with cost, ear drum perforation, and infection. It is puzzling to us why someone would wish to undergo repeated steroid injections through their ear drum when low dose gentamicin works very well, and requires a single injection only. As of 8/31/2017, otonomy suspended development of this preparation, after it failed a late-stage trial.

• triple canal plugging. Awesome heart tattoos zhang et al, 2016. In this puzzling paper, zhang et al report plugging the semicircular canals, leaving the otoliths untouched, to treat meniere’s. This is puzzling as one would wonder why undertake invasive surgery when low dose gentamicin works very well, and why leave the otoliths untouched, when the otolithic crises are a major cause of disability in meniere’s.

• hyperbaric oxygen. Fattori et al, audiology 35(6):322-34, 1996. These authors report the results of treatment for 15 days with 90 min. Sessions of a pressure chamber. They report better hearing results in the treated patients. Comment: lacking a reasonable mechanism and also considering the general problems with placebo responses in menieres (see the classic paper entitled old and new in menieres, by N. Torok), this treatment remains unsubstantiated.

• latanoprost. Rask-andersen et al. (otol HNS 2005, 133, 441-443). Awesome tattoos with meaning these authors report injections of this drug through the ear drum once/daily for 3 days. 9 patients were studied. They report improvements in vertigo (30%) and hearing. This drug, used for treatment of glaucoma, has been here tried in the ear. The apparent rationale is reduction of hydrops. Awesome foot tattoos for guys this small study shows that it is feasible to use this drug. It is too small to say if it is truly useful.

• endolymphatic duct blockage. Saliba and others (2015) reported that EDB resulted in 96.5% complete control of vertigo spells, with no adverse effects. Comment: sounds wonderful — but we would like to see this result replicated. Awesome hand tattoos similar procedures in animals result in the opposite effect — induction of hydrops. More data is certainly needed.

• water. In an amazing report, naganuma and others from japan (2006) studied 29 people and reported that large amounts of water intake taken over 2 years (35 ml/kg — or about 2.5 liters for a 70 kilo person), dramatically relieved vertigo and significantly improved hearing in the last 6 months. In our opinion, this study is underpowered (not enough subjects to prove their point), and also dangerous in that it may lead people to become water intoxicated. We see no reason why there should be good results only in the last 6 months, and also we don’t think that a total of 29 patients is anywhere near enough. On the other hand, drinking sufficient water is recommended in current literature on meniere’s.