Minister in charge of japan’s cybersecurity says he has never used a computer – slashdot awesome side tattoos for guys

Futurepower(R) shares a report: A lot of people don’t use computers. Free lower back butterfly tattoo designs most of them aren’t in charge of a nation’s cybersecurity. But one is. Japanese lawmakers were aghast on wednesday when yoshitaka sakurada, 68, the minister who heads the government’s cybersecurity office, said during questioning in parliament that he had no need for the devices, and appeared confused when asked basic technology questions. I have been independently running my own business since I was 25 years old, he said. When computer use is necessary, he said, I order my employees or secretaries to do it. [editor’s note: the link may be paywalled; alternative source.] I don’t type on a computer, he added.

Asked by a lawmaker if nuclear power plants allowed the use of USB drives, a common technology widely considered to be a security risk, mr.

Sakurada did not seem to understand what they were. I don’t know details well, he said. So how about having an expert answer your question if necessary, how’s that? The comments were immediately criticized. Cool guy tattoos tumblr I can’t believe that a person who never used a computer is in charge of cybersecurity measures, said masato imai, an opposition lawmaker.

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