Moving forward – the wood grain cottage lower back tattoo designs with names

Today though, I’m looking back at last year in disbelief of how much everything has changed. In my last post I shared why I’ve been silent for so long, and all the hardship I’ve been through. And it was hard… the hardest time of my life. Lower back tattoo designs stars I didn’t have a clue what was going to come from it, or how god could possibly bring me out of it and into a fresh new start, but he did. He’s truly in the business of creating beauty from ashes. I’m living proof of it.

I must admit, I’ve had a really hard time knowing how I would move forward with this blog, or when I would feel inspired to start sharing again.. Really small tattoo designs I just hoped I would know when the time was right to start posting again… it finally feels right, and that’s such a relief to say… there were so many days I didn’t know if I’d ever write anything here again.

The thought scared me, but I wasn’t in a place where I felt like sharing.

Since it’s been almost a year since I’ve really posted anything here on the blog, I realize there’s so much to catch you up on. And I don’t think it’s been a secret that sharing the more intimate and personal side of my life isn’t an easy thing for me, but I also know I have a story… and with the outpouring of love I’ve received, I understand that to many of you, my voice matters.

Personal posts are hard to write and even harder to publish. Awesome quote tattoos it’s opening up your heart, not knowing what type of reception you’ll receive. It’s a hard thing to overcome, but… like I’ve learned, life is hard. 40 awesome hand tattoos there are trials, uphill trails to climb and valley’s so low we often don’t know how we got there. The trials, rollercoasters, valleys and shadows aren’t reserved for any one specific person… we all experience them. But, another thing I’ve learned, is that it’s more about what we do in those hard times of our lives than anything else. Do we give up, and let fear swallow us whole… or do we trust that this too, is part of god’s plan to mold us into an even better version of ourselves?

He walked into my life when I completely didn’t expect it… but during a time when I needed him the most… I just didn’t know it yet. Awesome meaningful tattoos he’s easily the sweetest man I’ve ever met, with a heart of pure gold. He brings so much happiness to my life. He’s kind, funny, sincere… and a true gentleman in a world where men like this are exceptionally rare. I never thought I’d get so lucky…

Our relationship happened fast… faster than anything I ever thought possible. I wasn’t looking for todd, but god had different plans. Plans that far exceeded anything I could have ever thought possible. He led him to me, of that we’re both certain. Lower back tattoo designs for females I can remember praying that when it was right, that god would lead me to a man that would love me fully… a man that I could enjoy my life with, and someone who I could grow with. Someone who could love me through the good times and the bad. A man that could be my best friend and enjoy happy moments of laughter and play, but be that loving shoulder when the hard trials of life hit.