My first volvo 90 745t – page 2 – turbobricks forums

My vacation started after work Friday! I’m off for 10 days straight, which means lots of nothingness! And also alot of tinkering with the car. I have a couple projects I could start, install the turbo cam (without a adj timing gear…in an auto), work on my 3 inch exhaust, I have almost everything needed for the electric fan conversion, but to stay cheap, I chose the wasted spark setup. I have everything BUT a mounting plate. (There slacking next door) so for the time being I will use some heavy duty zip ties to secure it to the strut brace. They say rated up to 150lbs tensile strength, hopefully 6 will be good enough…

I just put the j702 module where the stock one was, with some new thermal paste, the plan, as is everybody’s I assume, is to use the j702 for the tach, since it has its own spot.

Well mine didnt work. The red/white wires from the original module didnt work for me. So connecting the old module back up and leaving it hanging will provide my tachometer.

Now its all finalized I go to test drive. (I definitely wired it up and started it before soldering/heatshrink) but since I had to keep my stock module for my tach, I used the power from my resistor pack bypass to power my new module. I dont think the injectors liked that very much. My afrs were going 10 to 16 while cruising and car felt like it was missing on load. So I stole power from my coil..well the red/white wire works for power, but if its not connected to my old coil then the tach wont work…

Well, I drove it and it was pretty terrible. It ran smooth, revved nice and loud…alot different than the t cam. But it did not have power. I thought I just had to let the computer learn, since I reset the ecus, but I decided to check back thru. First thing first, put engine to TDC, I used the screwdriver in the spark plug hole method, found TDC of cylinder 1 fairly easily, and looked at my cam sprocket, which is one tooth forward…damn

Well tension off, belt slipped off cam gear, cam gear turned one tooth backward and belt reinstalled, tension let off. Started right up, just like before. But now, now theres power! I only gave it about 4 psi, but you can immediately tell the difference. I’m glad I didnt let it ride and hope to computer would adjust. Now to let it learn, and just drive

Next mod/upgrade will for sure be intercooler. I’m looking at the klracing one that is a direct replacement. So a little time to save some monies and it’ll be on the way. But in the mean time I have to deal with a popping that recently made itself audible in my front right wheel. (Thinking balljoint? But havent checked yet) plus an interminnent ignition switch. Its aggravating at the least to have to jump the starter solenoid every now and again.

I drilled a hole very close in size of the o ring on the valve stem, then shoved it thru the top section of the pressure cap. JB weld applied liberally to assure it wont pop out under ~30 psi. the bottom portion of the cap I drilled a hole bigger than the valve stem, so when the pressure cap is tightened the valve stem wont stop the two halves of the cap from closing together.

I left it to dry overnight and went to test this morning. I plugged it in where the AMM would usually go, I pulled the pcv hose off the same hose the cap went in and plugged it a tapered bolt wrapped in Teflon plus a hose clamp. I also pulled the small vac line that runs from the IM to the breather box and plugged that so absolutely no air will get pressurized into the crankcase.

I set the regulator on my small compressor to around 28ish psi and plugged it up to the cap. first test, my tapered bolt blew out the turbo-amm hose…tightened hose clamp more. Test two, I can hear the leaks. I sprayed some soapy water and what do ya know, I found 2 leaks instantly. One is very obvious and coming out the cbv from the top left corner. another from the first charge hose from the turbo to intercooler. With a little more investagating I found some leakage around the valve that presses into the turbo-amm hose for the pcv system.