My miniature madness so thankful… cool man tattoo designs

Oh my gosh jodi! This post has had me grinning from ear to ear all day long. It makes me so happy that you are happy with your paintings. (hi, *waves* nervous artist waiting for a critique here.. Lol). Unique guy tattoos I love this gallery shoot so much! My very first gallery show! 😀 thank you so much for putting it together and sharing it with us all. You have made my paintings look so good! I show my hubby my offerings quite regularly and he’s general response is, a long suffering “that’s nice honey, I’m glad you are enjoying yourself.” but I showed him your gallery shots and he was much more animated and I finally got a “wow! They look really good! You need to paint one for my mother. Your friend is really good at miniatures isn’t she!” ha!..

It took your great photography and scene setting skills for him to finally “get” the mini painting thing. 😀 I love all the fall décor you have been collecting and you have staged it perfectly right from the opening shot… that lovely pottery selection backed by the “view” through window.  that basket of fall foliage is gorgeous! I can already see from this glimpse at your collected minis, that the autumn/fall house is going to be a spectacular build and that country lane in particular is going to suit the colour palette you have chosen.  I love how you have propped empty frames against the walls. We both know you will have to customise frames for my random sizing ;P… I didn’t really think that through very well did I??

I never usually do that with minis because.. You know… they just don’t get it. It’s my little hidden hobby that nobody but my husband and a crafty cousin know about. But this is different, you have given me the confidence to own my hobby and be proud of it, regardless of what the “real world” thinks. You have created such a wonderful scene that I can confidently proclaim to the doubters that miniatures are a real art form (not just toys). Half sleeve tattoo designs for guys I can point out the amazing detail in your room box and show them how cool it is that this room, that at first glance looks RL size, is actually a miniature. I can show them with your personalised show for little ol me, how generous and caring this community of wonderful creative souls is. How, everyday my mini friends make me grin and squeal with glee at their glorious creations. Mini swaps are, in my humble opinion, without a doubt one of the most enjoyable exciting parts of this community. I’ve only ever done one other…. It is a brave swapper who is willing to take the shipping to oz as part of the bargain. But you and deborah were willing and I am forever grateful to you both for bringing me into your miniature worlds through your generously shared creations. Awesome tattoos for females the joy of opening a package of beautifully crafted minis especially for you from a treasured friend is a delight every miniaturist should experience.

Haha, no such luck! It is funny to hear people you talk to online for the first time isn’t it.. Often they sound nothing like you imagined and it’s a bit strange for a moment… Lol.. And yes, you are the one with the accent. Although because my hubs is american, and we get a lot of american TV, I am quite used to that accent. 😀 mine is altogther different and our american friends often make fun of me when I say something they think is funny.. Awesome back tattoo designs I often get asked how many vowels can I actually fit in the word no.. Haha.. Apparently the australian way of saying it, sounds like it has a few extra. Or when I put the em-PHA-sis on the wrong syl-ahh-ble.. According to them.. Hehe… Oh my god.. I was totally addicted to sims 2, I used it for house building ( little virtual dollhouses for my virtual dolls) and movie making.. And I was a bit peeved when sims 3 came out because all the code breaking and modifying of files and custom content I’d aquired to customise my sims 2 game.. Was going to have to be built up again if I wanted to continue. I just built houses in sims 3.. And I didn’t even bother with sims 4. I do, however, think that the sims was the beginning of my dollhouse obsession.. They are just virtual dolls and dollhouses after all.. Albeit animated ones.. I think I just wanted more of the same but more tangible and I got sick of them changing the game every 18 months or so and then having to start again… At least my mini stash is always there! 😀 delete