Nevada lawmakers get taste of san francisco’s marijuana consumption lounges desktop themes windows 7 ultimate

“more than ever, I just really want to get this thing going,” said democratic state sen. And clark county commissioner-elect tick segerblom, who helped spearhead the fact-finding trip. “when it comes to vegas, our experience is going to be, from my perspective, so much grander than what they’re talking about, that we need to just get it out there and learn.”

Nevada voters legalized recreational marijuana sales in 2016, but the initiative bans public consumption, meaning a private home is essentially the only place people can legally use the products they buy. Front desk manager job description marriott it’s an even bigger conundrum for tourists — hotels with gambling on the premises have given cannabis a clear cold shoulder, in part because of concerns raised by state gaming regulators.

Local governments in nevada and the other nine states with legalized recreational marijuana sales and use have been hesitant to pull the trigger and allow consumption lounges that would offer people a place to freely and openly consume. Hp deskjet printer price list in kolkata in 2017, gov. Tanker desk for sale craigslist brian sandoval vetoed one of segerblom’s bills explicitly allowing the lounges to operate.

Owners say a majority of the customers are tourists curious to try marijuana in the open. Desktop facebook login for iphone after showing their ID at a check-in desk, visitors can buy cannabis at a counter that feels much like a bar. 67 desktop computer case power supply reset hdd button switch farther into the building is the lounge — a sophisticated ventilation system “walls off” the smoke from inside from other parts of the building and places where employees are stationed.

Visitors must sign a waiver before entering, and the lounge hands them restaurant-style buzzers to alert them when they’ve reached the maximum 30-minute allotment in the smoking room — a precaution against “over-intoxication” from second-hand smoke. Desk com email templates they also hand the customer a laminated fact sheet when entering that advises them about the risks of consuming too much cannabis too quickly, and soon plan to have nurses on site to add more peace of mind.

On the other side of town, the harvest dispensary consumption lounge looks like a stylish living room appealing more to panera bread customers than cheech chong aficionados. Hp deskjet 3632 scan the wall is lined with benches and throw pillows, and oversized chairs sit on an area rug as jazz plays in the background. Tables and electrical outlets are spread liberally through the room, inviting clients to get some work done while partaking.

Lawmakers are prohibited from modifying any voter-approved statutory change for a three-year period, so 2019 will be the first legislative session where a possible change in law could occur. But in the meantime, local government officials including segerblom are trying to identify ways to permit lounges to operate, such as allowing them to be next door to a dispensary or other workarounds.

That raises another issue that san francisco consumption lounge owners attempted to avoid — customers bringing in their own product. Both lounges policymakers visited required customers first purchase a cannabis product from the attached dispensary, and owners of both said they were concerned that drugs brought in from the outside could have mold or be laced with other substances.

San francisco marijuana businesses face some hurdles not seen in nevada, such as the california’s 23-year old ban on indoor smoking. City regulators have strict HVAC and air-filtering requirements, necessary to avoid smoke from bothering neighbors in san francisco’s crowded streets. The city also has a closing time, with many dispensaries shutting down by 10 p.M. Instead of staying open around the clock like bars in las vegas.

Cannabis activity is banned at places that have a liquor license, and cannabis businesses cannot serve food (although the city allows a limited amount of non-perishable food, such as a rack of chips). Marijuana businesses are banned within 600 feet of a school, a youth center or a day care facility — a rule that is so prohibitive in densely packed san francisco that the city is only applying the law to regular schools.